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Generally, when people talk about increasing your home’s value, it is in the context of selling your home for the best possible price. But in reality, increasing your home’s value is always a good idea, whether you plan on selling or not. Your home is your safe space, your protected and comfortable area where you are lucky enough to live, but it is also one of your biggest — if not the biggest — financial asset you have. By increasing your home’s value through additions, not only are you providing yourself an improved living experience, you are building long term wealth by growing your home equity.

There are a variety of ways to appreciate your home’s value, but the right kinds of additions can make it more appealing for real estate appraisers and home buyers alike. But what are the right kind of additions? In the end, the best kind of addition is the one that gives you the most home value after the expense of the addition is accounted for. That’s where Entry Brite comes in. We are a high-quality provider of decorative glass, doors, and windows in the Phoenix and Las Vegas...


In the old days, before cell phones, the internet, and self driving cars, there was a time when, if someone came to your front door, you would answer it. Today, it seems that we would rather hide in the house until the stranger walks away or we run out of food. Home visits used to be more common and unfortunately they have been replaced by cell phones. Human contact use to be dictated by a more unknown factor, effort. If you wanted to see if someone was home, you walked over to their house and knocked on the door. Now, we don’t bother to call on the phone because they won’t answer anyway but what if we could get back to the days when neighbors used to pop over unannounced and have a glass of sweet tea or something like that. Well have you ever thought that making your entryway more appealing just may start a trend? Well Entry Brite is here to help you make your entryway into an inviting, beautiful place. The kind of entryway that you only see on social media in your friend’s pictures. You know you want it.



Choosing The Right Pantry Door.jpg

The pantry has been experiencing a sort of revival in popular modern architecture. More and more homeowners are adding pantries to their existing homes, or requesting them to be added to new construction. Pantries are a great way to add extra storage space to your kitchen without removing any valuable counter space. The most prominent feature of any pantry is the door naturally. Since your kitchen serves as a gathering point for your friends and family, you’ll want your pantry door to add a touch of style and design to your kitchen’s aesthetic. Choosing the right pantry door is the key. Entry Brite in Las Vegas will discuss some of the most common pantry doors so you can decide which one is right for your kitchen.


Along with the pantry, barnhouse doors have become a popular design feature for owners to incorporate into their homes. Barnhouse doors are perfect for kitchen pantries that are short on floor space. The sliding mechanism means that the door moves to be flush with the wall, not swinging out where it could be interrupted by an...

Walk-In And Cabinet Pantries.jpg

Modern home design, rather ironically, is looking back in time for inspiration. The result is that classic design features and architectural elements are suddenly new again. One of these revived features is the pantry. For centuries, the pantry was a staple in homes across the world but fall out of favor at the beginning of the 20th century. Today, they are increasingly being added or retrofit to homes. In particular, there are two kinds of pantries that are popular right now, and as a provider of custom pantry doors in Las Vegas, Entry Brite will discuss them each.


As the name implies, walk-in pantries are a food storage space that is separate from the kitchen itself. Typically, there is a pantry door that closes off the pantry itself. Walk-in pantries are ideal for organizing and storing food and other kitchen utensils and even small appliances. Often, these pantries are lined with storage shelves, or have enough room to set up your own wire shelving. These pantries can be located inside of or outside of the...

5 Places You Can Install Stained Glass.jpg

Welcome to the Entry Brite blog! On our blog, we discuss ways to create a entryway remodel that you will love and the ways a stained glass front door and other stained glass elements can benefit you. Stained glass can assist to create the perfect vintage look to match the aesthetic of your older home. However, it can also add a beautiful look to your modern or contemporary home in Las Vegas. The design options are endless and can up the curb appeal of your home. If you love stained glass and understand all the benefits that it can provide, there are a few places that you can implement it in your home.


A stained glass front door can be the perfect centerpiece to your home. It allows your door, which is a natural focal point of your home’s exterior, to look its absolute best. You can have a stain glass element created to enhance your existing door or you can replace your current door with one of stained glass. Not only is a stained glass front door beautiful, but it also allows more natural light in your home while maintaining your privacy....

5 Stained Glass Cleaning Dos n Donts.jpg

Welcome back to the Entry Brite blog! Our blog is your-one-stop for learning about all things stained glass. If you are unfamiliar with our work, Entry Brite is your Top Rated Local® stained glass expert and entryway remodel providers. We have created stained glass front doors and other elements for homes all over the Phoenix area. To see our work, visit our gallery and view before and after pictures, or stay tuned and learn more about cleaning your stained glass front doors.


It is easy to assume that stained glass is like any other glass and you can clean it much like you would traditional windows: simply, pull out the cleaning supplies, use some Windex and paper towels, and enjoy clean, sparkling windows. However, stained glass windows require more care than your average window.

Do Dust

In most cases, all you will have to do to keep your windows clean is to dust them. They don’t need a spritz of Windex or other cleaner to maintain their brilliance. When you dust, there is no need...

5 Ways Stained Glass Can Benefit Your Home.jpg

Stained glass is a timeless means of enhancing your home during an entryway remodel as it adds a unique, beautiful design element to you home. Due to the options available, there are unlimited ways of personalizing your home with stained glass. As we discussed in our last blog post “7 Stained Glass Styles for Modern Homes,” there are many modern ways to create stained glass designs that fit your style such as incorporating art deco patterns, Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired designs, vintage Victorian looks, and more.

Today, on the Entry Brite blog we are going to discuss the benefits that stained glass provides for your home. However, if you are ready to install stained glass in your home or are about to begin an entryway remodel on your Las Vegas home, but are still unsure what you want to do, check out our gallery: we transform spaces using glass. The Top Rated Local® Decorative Glass Experts at Entry Brite would love to help you enhance your home.


Stained glass is often associated with archaic looks. However, it...

7 Stained Glass Styles For Modern Homes.jpg

Welcome back to the Entry Bright blog! Stained glass is something that is often associated with vintage or gothic designs — something that homes, churches, and city buildings used to have. However, that is no longer the case. Stained glass, if done right, can be a perfect centerpiece for your modern entryway remodel. Today, we are going to give some styles to emulate when creating modern stained glass designs that you will love for years to come.


Art deco is very “in” and its influence can be seen in not only jewelry, but also modern home stained glass designs. What is art deco? It is a 20th century design style that is elegant and understated. It first appeared in France before World War I and was seen in building architecture, fashion, car design, and more. It represented decadence, as well as social and technological advancement. Current art deco designs are geometric, symmetrical, and futuristic while also retaining its vintage flair. When you add art deco stained glass elements to your home, you will enjoy beautiful, bright hues of...

Front entryway design tips.jpg

The first impression of your home is made by your front entryway. More than just a front door and maybe some windows, your front entryway consists of the walkway up to the door, the decorative elements in the front yard, and even the surround of the door itself. If you’re thinking of remodeling the entryway to your Las Vegas home, the designers at Entry Brite have a few tips and ideas for you to consider.


Many homes make use of lighter color palettes, especially in Las Vegas, where using darker tones on the walls of a home is an invitation for solar gain and a warmer house. While your home may be a lighter color by necessity, that doesn’t mean you can’t make use of dark, bold colors on your front entryway. Combine dark bricks, flagstone, and other features for a striking contrast between your home and your entryway. But using contrasting colors should not result in clashing colors. If you’re looking for colors to contrast, look at painted trim pieces on the exterior of your homes. That includes window frames, door trim,...

Caring For Your Door Hardware.jpg

After having your front entryway remodeled for your Las Vegas home, you’ll likely be the center of much of the neighborhood’s attention. With a new front door, front walkway, and even stained glass accent pieces for your windows and doors, passersby won’t be able to ignore the beautiful new space you’ve crafted. But an often underappreciated piece of your entryways aesthetic is the hardware on your door. While these pieces look bright, shiny and new when first installed, they can quickly lose their luster. To keep every part of your remodeled entryway looking its best, follow these handy hints from Entry Brite in Las Vegas.


There are a few reasons that you should make cleaning your front door hardware part of your regular cleaning regimen.

First, you likely already take care of your front entryway by sweeping away leaves or grass clippings, dusting cobwebs, and even power washing the windows and doors. This keeps your entryway looking bright and welcoming. But if you skip your hardware, your visitors...


At Entry Brite, we offer homeowners in Las Vegas to completely transform their homes with our custom-made stained glass products. From providing accent windows in your kitchen and interior doors, to completely remodeling your front entryway, our artisans and craftsmen can help you create a home that feels inviting and warm. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss ways you can make your front entryway more welcoming.


For the most parts, modern homes lack a true front room or foyer. Instead, often upon stepping into the entryway of the home, a guest can immediately view the staircase that leads up to the next floor, or directly into the kitchen or living room. Rather than allowing a guest’s eyes to immediately take all of these features in, give them a piece to focus on. A small table with a piece of artwork on it might be an appropriate addition to a one-story home. For homes with a flight of stairs by the front door, find a way to add art or decorations to the side of the staircase. That way, if your guest’s eyes are drawn up to the...

wavy glass.jpg

If you’ve ever visited an antique home, you might have noticed that its windows look different from the ones in your modern home. Often, glass in older homes has a wavy or textured appearance to them. These waves can distort the image of what’s beyond the window in many cases. But what causes this? Does glass sag or warp with time? In today’s blog, the stained glass experts at Entry Brite will take a look at this fascinating phenomenon.


The fact of the matter is that wavy glass was actually made like that. While by today’s standard, this glass might look strange or even a little off-putting, for much of the 19th century, having medium to large panels of glass at all was quite the advancement in technology. Wavy glass was made in two distinct ways for much of the 19th century and even into the early 20th century.

Crown Glass

It’s only recently that glass making has been done by machines. For a long period of time, glass was made by hand by glass blowers. Crown glass was one of the first ways to...

More Symbols or your stained glass copy.jpg

Unlike plain glass windows, your stained glass does more than just reflect light. They reflect the values you hold dear and the symbols that have great meaning to you. In our last blog, we outlined a few symbols that are found in modern stained glass pieces, and what they mean. To follow up, we’ll explain a few more common symbols so you can find inspiration in what to include in your custom windows from the stained glass artisans at Entry Brite in Phoenix! Since Phoenix is in the desert, we’ll focus on symbols that you might see in and around your home already.


The horse is an icon of the American West for many reasons, not least because of what it represents. Wild horses once roamed free across the desert, traveling with impunity across the Americas. In the United States, and in cultures across the world, the horse is a symbol of freedom and strength. They are a symbol of freedom because they allowed people to travel to far-flung corners of the country. They represent power because, for many Native American tribes, horses were not only a...

Unique Symbols or your stained glass.jpg

Having read through our blog on the symbols in your stained glass, you might wonder about some unique symbols to have designed into your stained glass front door. After all, not everyone might want Medieval era religious iconography in their stained glass, others might want simple symbols of love, prosperity, and luck. In today’s blog, Entry Brite of Las Vegas will outline a few of these symbols so you can consider incorporating them into the design of your custom windows.


While no one can quite understand where this fruit’s name came from, they can understand the symbolism behind this unique spiky fruit. The pineapple has been used as a symbol of friendship and invitation for centuries. Indeed, if you look at the front doors of many Georgian and Federal style homes from the 17th through 19th centuries, you’ll find pineapples sculpted into the archways and pediments of the front door.

The pineapple became a symbol of hospitality when, in 1492, Christopher Columbus first landed on the Caribbean island of Guadalupe. Indigenous people...

Letting Your Kids Design Their Own Stained Glass.jpg

If you’re getting new stained glass windows for your home’s entryway, front door, or other windows, your children might be excited by this new addition to your home, too. So excited, in fact, that they might want to create their own stained glass masterpiece! Luckily for you, your kiddos can design their own stained glass piece pretty easily after a quick trip to the arts and crafts store. In today’s blog, Entry Brite of Phoenix will show you how to make your own faux stained glass.


The first step, and probably the least fun one for your child, but ask them for a little patience, and they can get to creating their next masterpiece in no time. You’ll want the following supplies for this stain glass project:

  • A picture frame with a glass face
  • A bottle of white glue (think Elmers)
  • A bottle of clear glue
  • Acrylic paints (at least one bottle of black, and then let your kids choose the others)
  • A black Sharpie
  • Super Glue
  • Clear acrylic spray sealant
  • Lay Out Your...

If you’ve followed our blog or looked at our gallery page, you’ll know that we think that stained glass belongs anywhere and everywhere in your home. It helps to brighten any space in the house and serves as both a functional design piece as well as a fashionable accessory that is guaranteed to spark a conversation. But if you’re interested in getting stained glass windows for your home in Las Vegas, and you’re not sure quite where you want them, we’ve outlined some of the best places to put beautiful new stained glass windows and doors in your home.


Your front door is one of the most important focal points of your entire home, and its appearance can reflect that values and feelings that you want your home to express. For instance, if your door is a heavy solid door with no windows, it might exude an air of “keep out” and that’s likely not the tone you want to set for your visitors. You want your home to feel inviting, and a stained glass front door is a great way to express that sentiment. Stained glass allows for light to...

The Benefits Of Letting More Light Into Your Home.jpg

Our customers love their custom windows and all of the amazing light they let into their home. Natural light instantly makes any space more inviting and more appealing. Beyond the aesthetics of natural light, it comes with a host of benefits that many are not aware of. Fortunately, Entry Brite of Las Vegas is. Read on to discover some of these benefits, and then call us to have new custom windows installed in your home!


Letting more natural light into your home is great for a lot of reasons, one of which is that it’s environmentally friendly. Using natural light reduces your dependency on fossil fuels since you’re not relying on electric lighting throughout the day. Given that Las Vegas is so sunny for so much of the year, you’ll never have to worry about the interior of your home getting enough lighting. Modern windows are also energy efficient, and having a series of windows in your home creates a cross draft that can keep your home cool during the hot summer months. You’ll reduce the amount of use your air conditioner...


From the most majestic cathedrals in the land to an extravagant entryway door in your own home, stained glass windows are used all over the world in a variety of places. And understandably so, as it’s a beautiful piece of art. Stained glass windows are able to utilize the shine of sunlight to hit another level of shine and beauty, broadcasting the beautiful designs and colors over the interior while creating a semi-transparent canvas of window art.

This beauty is renowned and utilized over almost all cultures, religions, and countries. We have written a variety of different blogs on the history of stained glass windows. But how are they made today? How does Entry Brite create beautiful pieces of stained glass that beautify your home and your property, at an affordable rate? And how does our stained glass window installation process work so well? Keep reading to learn more about stained glass window creation, and how Entry Brite can create and install the right piece for your home.


The art, history, and...

Cleaning Your Stained Glass.jpg

Cleaning your windows is a regular part of making your home look its best. While you might have a winning formula that keeps the windows on your Phoenix home spotlessly clean, these same cleaning strategies might not be the best for your custom stained glass windows from Entry Brite. Before you hose down your custom windows with Windex, read our quick blog on how to clean your stained glass.


After making so many custom stained glass windows for so many years, we’ve developed a sense of how to best care for your stained glass. Regular glass windows need water and soap, but for the most part, your stained glass windows usually don’t need these things. In fact, when you first notice that your stained glass windows are looking a little grungy, you should start by wiping them down with a clean, dry cloth. Microfiber is ideal, as it doesn’t abrade the surface of the glass. If your stained glass window is still not shining as brightly as you’d like after a gentle wipe down, it’s time to move on to a more detailed...


Stained glass windows from any era are rife with symbols and images, each with their own meaning. Symbols have been laced into stained glass for centuries. Their extensive use in churches throughout Medieval Europe made stained glass an important part of any church service. Until recent history, literacy rates have been very low, and stained glass served as the “Bible of the poor,” for those who could not read the Bible’s texts themselves. Instead, the illiterate relied on the spoken interpretation of the Bible, and the images presented on the stained glass windows above them.

While the meanings of these stained glass symbols may feel veiled at first, you can quickly begin to understand them by looking for these distinct elements.


When looking at a piece of stained glass art, be it in a church or elsewhere, look at the size of the images and elements. For instance, if the stained glass depicts a gathering of people, and one figure seems to be significantly larger than the others, this likely means that this individual was someone of great...


When you first think about it, doors may not carry much weight. They are simply upright slabs of some material that slow your progress in and out of buildings. But when you stop and think about the symbolism of your doors, what they mean, and what they mean to others, your door suddenly becomes so much more mysterious. At Entry Brite, we think about the messages our stained glass front doors convey every time we custom make one for our clients in Phoenix. In today’s blog, we consolidated some of these ideas and presented some of the most interesting symbols that doors represent.



Duality is the idea of contrast, that there are two somethings that are in opposition with the other. Light and dark, left and right, up and down. There are hundreds of examples of duality in our everyday life, including the doors we walk through every day. Doors are a physical manifestation of the symbol of duality: they can be open or closed, an invitation or a barrier, locked and unlocked. You can also think...


Our customers love the brilliant colors and patterns that their Entry Brite stained glass front doors bring to their homes. It can turn a dull entryway into a brilliant fresco. Since we make custom stained glass treatments, you choose what colors you would like in your stained glass. We all have a favorite color, and you might like to use it on your new stained glass front door, but do you know the psychology behind that color? Join Entry Brite of Las Vegas as we discuss the psychology of some of the most popular colors.



Red is a powerful color, and is often associated with aggressive feelings and ideas like energy, war, danger, power, as well as more passionate feelings like love, desire, and courage. Red is the longest wavelength of light, making it pop wherever it’s used. This popping effect makes objects that are red appear closer than they actually are. Red can be perceived as friendly and inviting, or aggressive and demanding.


Blue is a very calming, passive color that can be...

More Famous Examples Of Stained Glass.jpg

Here at Entry Brite, we’ve always got stained glass on the mind. Whether that’s a new front door for your home in Phoenix, or adding custom-made stained glass windows, we’re excited to transform your home. In our last blog, we discussed some famous examples of stained glass throughout the world. We use these icons as inspiration for our graceful designs, so we thought we’d share a few more of our favorites.


Door design to match transom

The Iberian Peninsula has a long history of being controlled by various religions over the centuries. However, the presence of the Catholic church is felt throughout the region, especially in this amazing music hall that uses an incredible ceiling skylight made from stained glass to illuminate the space. The skylight actually dips into the building itself and is meant to represent the sun and the Earth’s rotation around it. Completed in 1908, this music hall was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997 in recognition of its amazing beauty and...

The Most Famous Examples Of Stained Glass.jpg

Stained glass has been popular for centuries. If you read our blog series on the history of stained glass, you’ll know that artists used it as a way to bring light into a space while also adding brilliant pools of color to the interior. Stained glass is an iconic part of some buildings, so much so that it is the defining feature! In today’s blog post, Entry Brite in Phoenix will discuss some of these famous examples of stained glass.


Parisien Custom

We briefly mentioned this work of stained glass in a recent blog. For those who missed it, the stained glass at Augsburg Cathedral in Germany dates back to the 11th century, making it the oldest installation of stained glass still in situ. This multi-part art piece depicts Moses, Daniel, and other Christian figures. They are placed high in the walls of the church, allowing light to flood through them and for them to gaze down upon churchgoers. Each piece is typical of the early Gothic style, with lots of lead work separating hundreds of individual panes of...

The History of Stained Glass 4.jpg

And here it is, the final installment of our four-part blog series on the history of stained glass. If you’ve stayed with us up until this point, you surely know how complex the artistry of stained glass can be, especially as it has changed over the last several thousand years. Today, Entry Brite in Phoenix continues to carry on this fine artistic tradition in every one of the stained glass front doors that we craft for you and your home.


Stained glass has been used to decorate living spaces for thousands of years. It’s an ancient art form that has lasted the test of time and has retained a level of popularity that is still felt today. Interestingly, stained glass is actually older than the United States. Yes, the early colonists brought glass making with them as one of their first industries. Since then, stained glass has gone through waves of popularity that reflect the changes in culture and taste in the US.

Early Beginnings

Some of the first industries established in the New World were...

The History of Stained Glass 3.jpg

Welcome to the third installment of our blog series on the history of stained glass. While this art form is seemingly constant in its appearance and manufacture, the reality is that it has undergone many changes and refinements in its more than 4,000-year-old history. Entry Brite of Las Vegas is one of many who have done their part to shift and expand this gorgeous practice. In offering our amazing stained glass front doors, we are continually inspired by the works of the great masters long past.


The Renaissance was a period of expansion in the literal and figurative sense. During this period that spanned from the early 1300s to the late 1600s, the world changed dramatically. Ancient Greek and Roman texts were rediscovered and brought about new ways of thinking about science. The New World was discovered by explorers in 1492, and with its discovery came new questions about the world and its formation. Naturally, these changes in thought changed the way that art was created.

Leaving The Dark Ages


The History of Stained Glass 2.jpg

Welcome back to our blog series on the history of stained glass. The history of this transparent artform is more opaque than many realize. At Entry Brite in Las Vegas, we are just the latest in a very long line of stained glass artisans. We find ourselves looking back to the great masterpieces of the past for inspiration for our signature stained glass front doors on occasion, and so we thought it pertinent to share the history of our craft with you!


In our last blog post, we discussed the early era of stained glass artistry. As early as 2700 BCE, glass makers were making beautiful glass beads in Egypt. Later, Romans began making true stained glass windows and distributing them across their vast empire by the first Century AD. Today, we’ll cover one of the most pivotal and transformative periods of stained glass artistry; the Medieval ages.

Illuminated Glass And Illuminated Text

With the collapse of the Roman empire in the 5th Century AD, many other civilizations began rising to fill the power...

The History of Stained Glass.jpg

Stained glass is a timeless and elegant way to make any home more beautiful. Adding a stained glass front door to your home can add a refined sense of class to your living space, and is sure to attract your friends and family. But, when we say that stained glass is timeless, just how timeless are we talking? Surprisingly, stained glass has been used in buildings for thousands of years. Today, Entry Brite in Phoenix will begin exploring the history of this amazing material in a multi-part blog series. We hope you find this series illuminating!


Since the dawn of human history, people have looked for ways to make their living spaces more comfortable and beautiful. For some, that meant adding paintings made from crushed berries and ash to the walls of their caves. Today, that means replacing our bland utilitarian windows with gorgeous stained glass examples. With this in mind, it’s natural that humans would gravitate toward the idea of stained glass.

Seeing The Light

The origins of stained glass are, rather...


Welcome back, stained glass lovers! In our last blog post, we discussed some of the reasons why stained glass is making a comeback in modern homes and businesses, including its beauty, uniqueness, and versatility. As it turns out, there are many other reasons people are turning to stained glass as a way to upgrade the entryway of their properties, which we will continue outlining here. Although many people choose stained glass windows and doors for their beauty, sometimes it isn’t just about the breathtaking aesthetic.


Countless studies have shown that natural light is good for you, as it increases your energy levels, improves your mood, makes you more productive, the list goes on. People tend to subconsciously seek out the softness and warmth of natural light, which ultimately has an influence on their home remodeling decisions. Unlike other sources of natural light like bathroom skylights, however, stained glass lets in plenty of natural light while also enhancing its beauty as it filters through...


Yes, you read that right! Stained glass is back in style and is here to stay. For many people, the words “stained glass” used to evoke memories of their grandparents’ house or their childhood church, but those words have since taken on a brand new meaning. Stained glass windows and doors are popping back up across major urban cities like Phoenix and Las Vegas, and are redefining what it means to live or work in an environment that is both sophisticated and modern.

This may come as a shock to those who have chosen to leave stained glass in the past, but the classic, artistic feature has stood the test of time and has once again risen to become one of the most popular home design trends today. As the leading supplier of entryway remodeling features, Entry Bright has seen an influx of remodelers who are in search of the perfect stained glass windows and doors for their home or business. Don’t quite believe us? Here are a few reasons why stained glass is making such a significant comeback in the world of home remodeling and interior design.



Are you thinking about an entryway remodel in Las Vegas? Your entryway is the very first place a person enters your home and can leave a lasting impression. Whether that impression is good or bad will have a lot to do with the style of your entryway, how dated the elements are, and most importantly, how attractive your door is to entering guests. If your entryway is not leaving the impression you hope for, it might be time to consider a remodel.

Before you begin an entryway remodel, it is important to consider a few important questions. We have compiled the top five things you should ask yourself before you undertake this exciting new project. Remember, if you have any questions along the way, our team of experts at Entry Brite can help. We specialize in adding light and beauty to your entryway.


The first thing you will need to consider before you add a new custom-made door to your entryway is what your specific style is and how you want this design to tie in with the rest of your home. Upgrading your door will add value to...


Everyone has a specific preference and taste for their home’s style. Lately, a popular style for the home is a modern twist upon the rustic feel of old farm homes and comfy hunting lodges. If you enjoy creating a rustic feel for your home, we can help you begin that design in the very first place your guests will walk through — your entryway. We can ensure you utilize the perfect custom front doors to create the right feel that will set the tone for the rest of your rustic decor.

If you are contemplating an entryway remodel in Las Vegas, we can help you implement wrought iron and other elements to create a rustic feel. Read on to learn more about our tips for rustic entryways and talk to us today about upgrading your entryway doors with customized elements.


If you are looking to upgrade the doors in your entryway, consider implementing wrought iron into the glass door fronts. This added touch will bring a rustic feel without overwhelming the space. We can help you find the perfect design...


When you think of stained glass, most likely you think of huge cathedrals in Europe from the Middle Ages. Have you ever wondered why that is so?

Entry Brite offers entry doors with glass, as well as many other interior doors. Our mission is to make your entryway light and bright. Our family-owned decorative glass business has served thousands of customers over the years in both Las Vegas and Phoenix, helping to make a great first impression with their residential or commercial doors. Below, we’ll take a look at religion, custom stained glass windows, and their symbolism. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!


Colored glass has been around since ancient times, with objects found in both ancient Egypt and Rome that are thousands of years old. Wealthy Romans were the first to use stained glass windows. However, custom stained glass didn’t hit its peak until Christianity began to spread. Early examples of custom stained glass can be found in...


When it comes to remodeling your home, there are a variety of components that will create lasting impressions on those who visit your home or those who one day purchase your home. If you are interested in upgrading a unique but stunning aspect of your home, consider home window replacement. When you choose new windows, opt for custom windows that can be utilized for more than just functionality but rather for design as well.

At Entry Brite, we are true custom window aficionados. We can help you find the perfect custom window to fit your home. When you are adding custom windows to your home, there are five key places to focus on. Read on to learn more about where to place custom windows in your home and enjoy the benefit of improved appearance and upgraded value.


While we are well-known at Entry Brite for our custom designed entryway doors, the fun doesn’t have to stop there. We also encourage you to consider upgrading the other windows in your entryway. Many doors are flanked by tall, sleek windows. Other entryway...


Do you have a stained glass front door or windows in your Las Vegas home? There is a good chance that one or more of the panels in the piece has a texture to it. It’s a common design element in stained glass and helps to obscure the view, making it ideal for use in windows and doors of private residences. Knowing what those different textures are called can be beneficial to the owner; it will be a lot easier to deal with repairs or maintenance when you know what to call it! We’ve put together a brief guide on the textured glass used to create doors and windows to give you a better idea of what they are called and maybe learn a bit more about the work that goes into creating it.

Like the idea of incorporating some of these textures into your doors or windows? Get in touch with our team and let’s talk about what we can do for you!


Glue Chip

Glue chip glass is aptly named. The process of creating it involves coating the glass with glue and then baking it. As the glue bakes, it flakes off...


When it comes to doing an entryway remodel, your front door is likely to be the focus of your space. The door that you currently have is probably the stock door used by the builder. They used it because it was inexpensive and bland enough to suit the majority of their home buyers. You certainly are not stuck with that option, because there is a world of front door styles out there! Once you start to look at the options you have for your entry, it can be overwhelming. There are so many doors in so many styles, how will you decide which one is right for you? The best thing to do is to get to know the different door styles available and what kind of homes they are suited for before you decide which one you want for your new entry.



Unless your doorway is already arched, this is probably a style that you’ll want to skip. Arch doors require a doorway that’s already arched, and while they look beautiful and add a touch of uniqueness to the home, the conversion from a classic door frame to an arched one can be...


Making small improvements can benefit you in the long run. This fact can be said for a whole manner of things, however, it is more effective when in reference to your home. The following blog is all the ways in which installing a glass in your home can be beneficial to you.


First impressions are important. It is in our basic human instinct that when we see something, we make automatic assumptions about that thing we are observing. In most instances this first impression is beneficial. For example, if something looks hot to the touch, we will naturally avoid touching it and save ourselves pain. However, in some instances, first impressions can be too quick of judgements, especially when referring to people. When we look at someone, we make assumptions about how they behave and how they would respond to things. We do the same judgmental process when we observe someone’s clothes, car, and especially their house. The state in which someone lives is often a clear indicator of how they are as a person. If you are a guest in...


A stained glass front door is a beautiful way to improve the look of your home. Stained glass doors became popular during the Victorian era, which is when many homes across the United States started integrating stained glass not only to their entry doors but in windows throughout their home. Some people are lucky enough to purchase homes where these beautiful pieces are still intact; the rest of us will have to add these special touches with the help of companies like Entry Brite. We’ve seen a huge resurgence in the popularity of stained glass within the home environment in recent years, and it’s exciting to see how people are putting it to use.

Stained glass doors aren’t just for entryways anymore! They can be a wonderful addition to virtually every room in your home. If you are looking for a great way to allow more light to flood your home, or if you want to upgrade the look of your home without spending a fortune on renovations, then new doors from Entry Brite could be the perfect answer.



Curb appeal is a big deal when it comes to homeownership and it can have a big impact when it comes to the value of your home. Increasing your curb appeal can make your home more attractive to potential buyers, putting it ahead of other homes on the market when you are ready to sell. It can also increase your home’s value, giving you more equity and a bigger line of credit should you need to borrow against your home to do things like upgrades and repairs. Your curb appeal can even impact the value of the homes around you, giving them a boost on the market as well. And finally, curb appeal can make your home look cozier and more inviting, which is something you’ll get to enjoy every day that you live there. When your home looks good, you can’t wait to spend your time there.

So how do you increase the curb appeal of your home? There are a number of things you can do, from the basic and budget-friendly to the complex. Here are some of our favorite curb-appeal-boosting tips that give you the most return on your investment.



We’ve helped many Las Vegas homeowners transform the look of their home with our entryway remodeling services. By replacing the generic doors and windows put in by the builder with beautiful custom windows and stained glass doors, it can completely renew a home and elevate the look, both inside and out. If you want to take your entryway remodel to the next level, though, you’ll need to think about the lighting.


Lighting plays an important role in the design of your home, both inside and out. It’s so important that people make their entire careers out of designing lighting for homes. Good lighting can change the look of a space, illuminating dark corners and highlighting areas that you want to show off. But lighting shouldn’t only look good, it should also be functional. It’s the same idea for lighting your entryway; it should both look great and provide the necessary light. If you have one and not the other, it’s going to be a lighting failure. You don’t want lighting that looks great but doesn’t actually help you see,...


Entry Brite offers so many terrific design styles for your new stained glass front door! Our Las Vegas team has put together a portfolio of over a dozen different designs, each one uniquely created to enhance the decor and architecture of your home. We’ve made sure to offer a wide variety of designs so no matter what aesthetic you love, you’ll find a door that’s going to work for you. Let’s take a look at ten of these designs and in what kind of home they might be best suited.

Not seeing a design that’s quite right for your home? We can still help! Get in touch with our team and learn about all of our services and how they can help you find a stained glass door that’s absolutely perfect for your Las Vegas home.


You can view all of these designs on our Gallery page! Scroll through the photos and see our doors in real homes around the country so you can get a better idea about how these style will look in your own home.

  • Edgemont

The Edgemont is characterized by its unique...


Stained glass windows look amazing in your home. They maintain your privacy while still giving you lots of beautiful natural sunlight, and the colors and designs of the windows can add a lot of visual interest to your space. You’ll need to keep your stained glass clean to get the most out of your windows, though. For the most part, cleaning your stained glass custom windows is going to be a lot like cleaning any other window in your home, but there may be some special considerations that you will want to be aware of so you can prolong the life and look of your windows. We’ve been installing custom windows in Las Vegas homes for years, and during that time we’ve shared with our customers our tips for keeping windows looking their best. Check out some of our best tips!


  • The Number One Rule of Cleaning Stained Glass: Don’t Clean It Too Much

This first tip might surprise you, but trust us, it’s true. It’s even truer if your stained glass is vintage or historic, but it’s a good...


Custom windows are a great way to increase the beauty of your home, inside and out. A lot of customers who come to us for their custom windows in Las Vegas do so because they want to add more personality and style to their space. Our custom windows are ideal for this. We can create any window you can imagine, from wrought iron to stained glass and anything in between, made to fit the shape and size you require for your home. In the end, you’ll have a window that makes your home stand out and increases the beauty of the space, inside and out.

But beauty isn’t the only thing that custom windows are good for! Our customers are surprised to learn about many of the other benefits they may experience once we’ve installed their new windows. If you are ready to experience these benefits for yourself, schedule a consultation with our team today!


  • Increases the energy efficiency of your home.

The area around the window is one of the prime locations for air leakage in your home. That’s a big problem when it...


The next time you step outside your front door, take a couple minutes to look back at it. Try to view it as if you are seeing it for the first time. What do you see? Is it an entryway that shows off the personality of the people inside? Does it do anything to enhance the design and decor of your home? Or is it the same generic doorway that the builders put in when they were trying to sell the house? A lot of Las Vegas homes have entries that look just like their neighbors and do nothing to stand out. But your home is a special place, and every inch of it should be a reflection of your personality and style–including the entry.

There are so many entryway remodeling ideas that you can use to transform the space and create something special! Here are some surprising ideas that you can put to work in your entry.


  • Change out your current door for a glass door.

One of the most striking changes you can make to your entry is to change out the stock entry door for a glass one....


You might not think of your home first when you think about stained glass windows. These artistic windows are more often associated with churches and other classic public buildings than they are with the domestic space. That’s because, during the artform’s 1000 years of history, it was most often used in places of worship because of its expense as well as its ability to tell a story through the picture. But stained glass has gone through a revival in recent years and now we’re seeing it in more and more homes. Many homeowners are now requesting custom windows for their Las Vegas homes that incorporate stained glass to create unique designs that enhance the home’s style and reflects their own personality. But are stained glass windows always a good idea? It depends. Make sure you know about the pros and cons of stained glass before you opt for it in your home.


The Pros

Great alternative to blinds or curtains. Some people simply dislike the look of curtains or blinds while those suffering from allergies might want...


Not all glass is the same! That’s an important lesson to learn before you start shopping for a stained glass front door for your Las Vegas home. Knowing what glass options are out there and which one is right for your door will help you find the perfect options for your entry. Take a few minutes to learn more about glass options for your door and why it might be the right option for your home.


An important note: The glass that you choose could be a combination of three or more of these types of glass. For instance, you might opt for a clear, reinforced, and insulated glass for your door. Or, you might opt for a carved and textured privacy glass. Keep that in mind when choosing the glass that you want in your door.

  • Carved Glass Front Door

This type of glass is exactly what it sounds like! The glass is carefully carved with special tools to create a pattern or design. The carving can be as simple or as intricate as you want, and can even be customized. Carved glass is typically a...


When you purchase a home, it’s always nice to put your own stamp on things. You might change out the flooring, paint the walls, and start to decorate the rooms to match your personality and style. Most people start their home renovations with the kitchen and the living room, which are the two rooms that you and your family probably use the most in the home. Then it’s on to the bathrooms and bedrooms, and eventually, you get around to rooms like an office or formal dining room. But one area that has a big impact on the overall feel and look of your home is too often neglected: the entryway.

It’s time that the entry into your home got a little more love. Afterall, it’s the area that will make the first impression on your guests! We’ve helped homeowners in the Las Vegas area with their entryway remodeling projects and have seen for ourselves the difference it can make in a home. Here is why you should remodel that front entry and how to go about doing it.


  • It’s the first impression your guests have of your...

Let’s face it. Homes are not built the way they used to be, but that can be said for many things these days. In the grand scheme of things, many of the products that are produced today are designed to be disposable. A trait we can all thank the major car companies in the early 20th century. Basically the premise is come out with something new every few years and it will drive sales. This philosophy does not really work for home construction but it has integrated the business nonetheless. At Entry Brite we believe in keeping the spirit of quality alive and well. Our custom windows and doors are built with a nod to the fine craftsmanship of a bygone era, a time when the value of a truly beautiful piece was not overshadowed by bottom lines and profit margins. Essentially a time before planned obsolescence.


The architectural masters of the 20th century designed their projects as a homage to the time in which they were living. Some have turned out to be timeless designs and others a representation of bad style. Currently we are enjoying a...


Have you ever seen one of those movies that is exceptionally hard on windows and doors. You know the kind I am talking about, anything from the 1980s or 90s when your standard action hero movie was still a viable money making genre. Of course Hollywood seems to hate both windows and doors with a passion. Jets crash through them, people crash through them, cars crash through them, in fact, in pretty much every movie that is action oriented in any way there is a window or a door that is lost. Well, at Entry Brite, we have the utmost respect for windows and doors as we believe that we make some of the finest in the industry. You see, we respect doors and windows so much that we don’t ever want yours to end up forgotten. We do make custom stained glass doors and windows but what if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of fitting a new door, Entry Brite has a solution. We take your old door and mount one of our exceptional designs in the existing door. Most of our clients barely recognize their old entryway door as their own. The process is as painless as choosing a new, updated...


The first early human to paint around his (or her) hand with a primitive dye, probably made from a ground up root, was the first to alter their surroundings in an aesthetic way. If they were so adept at painting the walls of the caves it would have been amazing to see their settlements. At Entry Brite we understand the need to alter the environment to suit your tastes. In fact, we are in the business of altering plain old entry doors to reflect your personal style, but more about that later. We can trace our creative roots back to those early people who spontaneously created art on the rock wall of a cave, of course our cave paintings are stained glass front doors.


What was the motivation for decorating these cave walls? Was it a primitive tribute to the divine deities that these people worshiped? Was it a superstition to increase hunting success? Or was it simply to look beautiful? As individuals who enjoy the spoils of modernity, it is difficult for us to believe that primitive humans had the time to practice creating art. The...


Stained glass and glass designs are simply beautiful. The artistry, the intricacy, and the story they tell are nothing short of marvelous. Some of the oldest and most carefully crafted buildings in the world are enhanced by their stained glass windows and entryways. With such craftsmanship, color, and attention to detail, it makes complete sense to desire adding a glass design to your home.

Entry Brite is the premiere company to help install glassworks into your home, taking a plain old door or window and transferring it to something extraordinary. Read on to figure out what factors will guide your decision-making when creating your glass entryway or window!


The first and foremost thing to consider in designing a glass entryway is whether you want to enhance a door or a window. Having this in mind will help you visualize what everything will look like along the design process. A glass front door is a fairly visible update to your home, as it is the first thing any visitor will see upon arrival. Having a glass front door...


As you may already know, Entry Brite is the finest door and window company serving Phoenix, Las Vegas and Riverside County. Staying on top is a matter of innovation, creativity and persistence. We take great pride in producing high quality, exclusive, custom windows and doors. Our work is always exceptional and we take great pride in knowing that we provided our clients with exactly the result they wanted. That being said, working with glass is a very old art and it takes a master to create the designs that we are able to offer. Entry Brite prides ourselves on offering unique high end stained glass in addition to our frosted and wrought iron designs. But when you are working with a medium as old as glass, it is easy to forget how easy it is today to have glass in our homes.


In old Egypt, back when the library at Alexandria still stood, one of the most important inventions that the world has ever known was invented. Thats right, the Egyptians are believed to have invented glass, but Kanye claims he did first, so go figure. Glass making...


What is it we all want from our home?

The answer can be summed up in one word. Ummmmm….

Okay, so maybe the answer to that question is not as easy to quantify as it seems. Many of us want so much more from our homes than what they were originally designed for. We want them to be safe, secure, opulent, beautiful and welcoming, to name only a few. Americans spend millions every year on upgrades to their homes and most of them are destined to be ripped out and replaced within a period of years. The sad thing about the upgrades that are so popular right now is that, down the road they will be looked at as old and dated. Due to that fact, many of the upgrades that are popular for your home are not necessarily meant to last; a planned obsolescence. Your dishwasher is for sure not designed to last 50 years and neither is your carpet, but to most of us, that is alright.


Now, you may be thinking, this description is not applicable to you, and you may be right, to a point. It is easy to be so enamored with the current...


At Entry Brite we are always looking for inspiration. Our current crop of designs runs the gamut from classical Victorian to contemporary, and Craftsman and rustic wrought iron. The options for remodeling your entryway are incredible when you begin looking through our designs. The inspiration for our doors, windows and cabinet doors comes from various periods in history and contemporary designs. There are simply classic architectural styles that never will go out of style, and still hold an appeal today. When looking to remodel your entryway, it is best to consider the design of the home in general. Not to say that mixing styles is a bad thing, because these days, pretty much anything goes. Regardless, a new door with a gorgeous glass insert is the feature that will compete your home and make all of your guests envious. The designs we feature might be representations of a certain era but they are all made with exceptional materials and top-notch craftsmanship.

Common eras that have become associated with home design have become almost timeless and still influence architects...


Welcome to Entry Brite! We are pleased to invite you into our virtual space. Our entire business, you could say, is based on invitations. No, not the kind you get to your annoying coworker’s wedding, and not the invitation that you get from the DMV to renew your licence plates, but real, personal invitations – the kind of invitations that go along with the art of hospitality and the warm embrace of an evening among friends or family. Yes, we are in the business of creating what should be, the most inviting space in your home, your entryway. Your entryway should be an expression of yourself and your home, a kind of preview to the rest of the house. At Entry Brite, we create spectacular entryways for a variety of different homes. Regardless of the style, we will create previously unimaginable transformations of your front door and entryway area.


The front door has traditionally been designed as a barrier, a cold division between the treacherous land outside, and the warmth and safety inside the home – a fortress against the elements and a...