What is it we all want from our home?

The answer can be summed up in one word. Ummmmm….

Okay, so maybe the answer to that question is not as easy to quantify as it seems. Many of us want so much more from our homes than what they were originally designed for. We want them to be safe, secure, opulent, beautiful and welcoming, to name only a few. Americans spend millions every year on upgrades to their homes and most of them are destined to be ripped out and replaced within a period of years. The sad thing about the upgrades that are so popular right now is that, down the road they will be looked at as old and dated. Due to that fact, many of the upgrades that are popular for your home are not necessarily meant to last; a planned obsolescence. Your dishwasher is for sure not designed to last 50 years and neither is your carpet, but to most of us, that is alright.


Now, you may be thinking, this description is not applicable to you, and you may be right, to a point. It is easy to be so enamored with the current styles that it becomes difficult to imagine the day when it will look old and dated. Homes are as much about style as their owners and at Entry Brite we get that, what we also get is that planned obsolescence should not apply when you are upgrading your home. At some point, someone is going to walk into a kitchen with granite countertops and think they are hideous. After that, goodbye granite countertops. Tastes will change and luckily in a home, nothing is as permanent as your barbed wire armband.


As much as appliances and countertops, your front door can date your home. The tired, peeling front door will also let your guests know that it has been a while since since you really put some thought into decorating. At Entry Brite, we have the perfect solution to the problem of obsolescence, let us take care of your front door! You may think that to get a beautiful and functional entry door, it means ripping the old door off and mounting a new one. Whenever that sort of surgery is required, it is difficult to get everything to line up again. So removing your existing door can create much more work, you may have to redo the doorframe and much more inconvenient modifications. With the Entry Brite System, we can take your existing door and mount a gorgeous piece of glass in it, changing the look entirely, even stained glass!


It may sound like a cheap way to upgrade your home but we are not talking about substandard pop-in glass panels. Much like Michelangelo used the old, boring, Sistine Chapel as a canvas, Entry Brite utilizes your old front door as a medium for art. Our designers are artists in their own right and our craftsmen create surprisingly beautiful results from what once was your run-of-the-mill door. For a better idea of what we can do with your existing doors, please visit our gallery page. We are sure you will find a design you like and that fits your style. Contact us today for more information about taking your space to the next level and getting exactly what you want from your home.