In the old days, before cell phones, the internet, and self driving cars, there was a time when, if someone came to your front door, you would answer it. Today, it seems that we would rather hide in the house until the stranger walks away or we run out of food. Home visits used to be more common and unfortunately they have been replaced by cell phones. Human contact use to be dictated by a more unknown factor, effort. If you wanted to see if someone was home, you walked over to their house and knocked on the door. Now, we don’t bother to call on the phone because they won’t answer anyway but what if we could get back to the days when neighbors used to pop over unannounced and have a glass of sweet tea or something like that. Well have you ever thought that making your entryway more appealing just may start a trend? Well Entry Brite is here to help you make your entryway into an inviting, beautiful place. The kind of entryway that you only see on social media in your friend’s pictures. You know you want it.


In order to design the ultimate entryway you need to first think about what you want. That could be a certain style, or color, or even a new set of windows to open up the space a bit. At Entry Brite, we specialize in creating the ideal entryway doors and windows for your home. We take existing doors, modify them, and add the ideal glass for your home. Not just plain old glass however, but some of the finest stained and patterned glass. The beauty of the Entry Brite process is in its simplicity. No you don’t need to wait weeks for a custom glass door when we can come to your home and install a gorgeous front door in around two hours.

Stained Glass Entryway

Have you always loved the look of stained glass but thought it was out of reach for your home? After all, stained glass is often extremely expensive and not generally practical for entryway doors and windows. Of course, when you choose a new glass door from Entry Brite you can choose from a variety of different patterns and styles. The detail and design are up to you to choose from our incredible selection.

Vented Glass Doors

We all like to crack open the front door to let the breeze flow through and you may not want to give that up when you want to install a new glass front door. Now, with Entry Brite vented glass doors, you can have the best of both worlds. We offer most of our glass entryway doors in a vented option. Which will allow airflow through your home while creating a gorgeous space.

Wrought Iron Glass Doors

There is just something about a wrought iron door that appeals to the senses, it holds an air of class and exclusivity. Not to mention that it just looks gorgeous in any home. Our wrought iron glass doors are complementary to almost any architecture. We have contemporary, classic, and antique styles of wrought iron glass for any door.

Wrought Iron Grills

What do you do if you have a gorgeous glass entryway door or windows but want to spice things up a bit? Maybe add a bit more security without resorting to steel bars? The Entry Brite selection of wrought iron door inserts can fit into just about any door that we install. This will not only add to the door’s aesthetic appeal but can preserve the beauty of the glass.


For those of you who think that getting the entryway you have always wanted is a complicated process, Entry Brite is here to tell you that it can be easier than you think. Our process is convenient, affordable, and fully customizable. You really have no reason to not give us a call for your no hassle consultation. We can help you decide which glass is perfect for your home and if you can add matching windows. We can make your entryway look amazing from the inside and out. So next time you hear a knock at the door, do your best to not shake the blinds while checking who it is. Of course you could always upgrade to a gorgeous glass door from Entry Brite and hide behind that plant in your hallway.