You might not think of your home first when you think about stained glass windows. These artistic windows are more often associated with churches and other classic public buildings than they are with the domestic space. That’s because, during the artform’s 1000 years of history, it was most often used in places of worship because of its expense as well as its ability to tell a story through the picture. But stained glass has gone through a revival in recent years and now we’re seeing it in more and more homes. Many homeowners are now requesting custom windows for their Las Vegas homes that incorporate stained glass to create unique designs that enhance the home’s style and reflects their own personality. But are stained glass windows always a good idea? It depends. Make sure you know about the pros and cons of stained glass before you opt for it in your home.


The Pros

Great alternative to blinds or curtains. Some people simply dislike the look of curtains or blinds while those suffering from allergies might want to opt for more allergen-free window coverings. Stained glass provides you with privacy without blocking the light. Plus, it’s allergy friendly and can be cleaned on a regular basis. Stained glass, unlike blinds and curtains, can easily integrate into any decor choices, too!

Lots of custom options available. One of the best things about stained glass is how versatile it is. Want to incorporate a unique design, your family’s name, or a symbol that’s special to you? It’s all easily done with stained glass. Simply work with the artist to create a design that you can’t wait to have in your home.

They bring a touch of elegance to the room. If you want to add class and elegance to your home, stained glass windows are the perfect way to do it. You’ll love how they softly change the light and create space that’s comfortable, warm, and inviting for both you and your guests. It’s an easy way to elevate the aesthetic and potentially even the value of your home.

The Cons

They can block your view. While they do offer privacy, stained glass windows can also block the view beyond. Unlike curtains and blinds that can be opened and closed, stained glass is going to permanently prohibit viewing outside. So if you like to sneak a peek, then another window option might be better for your home.

Cleaning can be more complicated. Cleaning regular glass windows is a pretty straightforward task, but stained glass can be slightly more complicated. That’s because some cleaners can actually damage the tint that’s used in the glass and could cause the colors to fade faster. You’ll want to talk to the creator of your windows for their cleaning advice first.

It’s more expensive to repair or replace. If your stained glass window breaks, it’s going to cost you more to repair or replace it as compared to a plain pane of glass. That’s largely due to the fact that the windows take a lot of time and effort to create, so you’ll be paying for the materials as well as the labor.


Don’t skimp on the quality.

When you start to shop for stained glass windows, you might think you’ve really found a bargain when you find a window that’s 50% less than the others you’ve been looking at. But be wary of going with the cheapest option when it comes to your custom windows. That’s because these less expensive options are usually made with clear glass that’s simply coated in colored plastic instead of the glass itself holding the color. It’s a cheaper way to make a window, but a lot of these windows end up losing their color after a couple of years. That means you’ll be paying for a replacement and end up spending more money in the long run anyway.

Take time to design your window.

This piece is going to hang in your home for years; possibly through the lifetime of your home! Don’t rush into any decisions about it. Think about the style, design, and customization that you want to see in your new window. Thanks to the versatility of the stained glass, there are virtually endless options for the kind of window that you can create. Take your time to create a piece that you are proud to have in your home for a lifetime.

Work with an experienced installer.

Installing stained glass windows is an artform in itself! It’s important that you hire a team that has experience installing delicate stained glass into the doors or windows of your home. You’ll be glad that you hired an experienced team when you see the finished results of their efforts and your window ends up lasting for the lifetime of your home!

Our stained glass and custom window experts are here to help! Whether you simply have questions about stained glass windows and are looking for answers or you are ready to buy now, our team is ready. We have years of experience helping customers get the gorgeous custom windows that they need for their Las Vegas homes. We can help you design and install the windows that are right for your home, too. Get in touch with us today by giving us a call or contacting us through our website to get started.