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It is easy to assume that stained glass is like any other glass and you can clean it much like you would traditional windows: simply, pull out the cleaning supplies, use some Windex and paper towels, and enjoy clean, sparkling windows. However, stained glass windows require more care than your average window.

Do Dust

In most cases, all you will have to do to keep your windows clean is to dust them. They don’t need a spritz of Windex or other cleaner to maintain their brilliance. When you dust, there is no need to use any liquid either — even water — simply use your trusty feather duster.

Do Use Distilled Water

If you do need a liquid to remove substances that don’t come off with a quick dusting, use distilled water on a soft cloth. However, when you wet the cloth, be sure to only wet it a little bit — just enough to make it damp. Using tap water or hard water can create spots on the glass. Refrain from spraying or wetting the glass directly. Always apply water to a soft cloth first!

Do Use a Soft Cloth

There is a time and a place to use paper towels. However, when you need to clean your stained glass front doors or windows isn’t the time. It’s best to use a soft cloth such as one you might use on your car or a section of a soft cotton shirt. Anything more abrasive can scratch your windows.

Don’t Use Window Cleaner

As we mentioned earlier, don’t use window cleaner! Ammonia and other cleaners are incredibly abrasive and can damage the surface of your glass. Save the window cleaner for your other windows and bathroom mirror. When you dust stained glass, enjoy cleaning glass without worrying about creating streaks!

Don’t Use Scoring Pads

Though it may be tempting to use a scouring pad to remove tough materials from the glass, don’t! Scoring pads, steel wool, and other abrasive cleaning supplies have no place when you need to clean your stained glass windows. If you encounter a tough substance, simply employ the “damp cloth” method and apply some elbow grease.

If you have any questions about how to care for your stained glass windows, contact us! We would love to help you protect your investment!


Caring for your stained glass windows is incredibly easy, making that just one of the many benefits of installing a stained glass front door, and using stained glass in your entryway remodel. To learn more about the benefits of installing stained glass in your home, read our last post “5 Ways Stained Glass Can Benefit Your Home.” If you are ready to install stained glass in your Phoenix home, visit the Entry Brite website! We offer a full gallery page with pictures of our work, as well as before and after transformations, and videos showing how we create custom stained glass front doors. If you are ready to invest in a entryway remodel or stained glass, contact us!