Welcome to Entry Brite! We are pleased to invite you into our virtual space. Our entire business, you could say, is based on invitations. No, not the kind you get to your annoying coworker’s wedding, and not the invitation that you get from the DMV to renew your licence plates, but real, personal invitations – the kind of invitations that go along with the art of hospitality and the warm embrace of an evening among friends or family. Yes, we are in the business of creating what should be, the most inviting space in your home, your entryway. Your entryway should be an expression of yourself and your home, a kind of preview to the rest of the house. At Entry Brite, we create spectacular entryways for a variety of different homes. Regardless of the style, we will create previously unimaginable transformations of your front door and entryway area.


The front door has traditionally been designed as a barrier, a cold division between the treacherous land outside, and the warmth and safety inside the home – a fortress against the elements and a barricade against the storm. That being said, your front door should convey a sense of class and sophistication about the occupants of the home. The front door is the first thing people see when they visit your home and if your front door is truly exceptional it will be remembered. The goal of Entry Brite is to provide you with a front door and an entryway that your guests will actually turn around and admire once inside your home, to make it look as good from the inside as it does from the outside. Until now, the functional aspect of the front door could not be accurately combined with a gorgeous, classically designed glass entry.


The entryway was generally a place where old friends were welcomed and new friends were made. Historically the parlor was located directly off of the entryway and was the place for entertaining guests. The 20th century brought us entryways that were not even inviting, a psychological roadblock from the outside of the world. The windows and grand archways over the door all but disappeared until the dawn of the new millennium. Entry Brite is built around the idea that the most important part of your home is its first impression.

A beautiful front door does not need to be simply a showpiece and must function to the highest standards. The entryway doors and custom windows from Entry Brite are the perfect combination of beauty and security. The options are dizzying and no matter what kind of design you prefer, from simple wrought iron to elaborate stained glass, we have the style you desire to make your home truly unique. Whether it is time to remodel your entryway or you simply want to add a splash of class to your existing front door, Entry Brite can help. Please take a moment to view our design gallery and our stunning, before and after transformations. If you need more help than that, contact us to speak with our designers about the perfect front door for your home.