A stained glass front door is a beautiful way to improve the look of your home. Stained glass doors became popular during the Victorian era, which is when many homes across the United States started integrating stained glass not only to their entry doors but in windows throughout their home. Some people are lucky enough to purchase homes where these beautiful pieces are still intact; the rest of us will have to add these special touches with the help of companies like Entry Brite. We’ve seen a huge resurgence in the popularity of stained glass within the home environment in recent years, and it’s exciting to see how people are putting it to use.

Stained glass doors aren’t just for entryways anymore! They can be a wonderful addition to virtually every room in your home. If you are looking for a great way to allow more light to flood your home, or if you want to upgrade the look of your home without spending a fortune on renovations, then new doors from Entry Brite could be the perfect answer.


The Entry Brite stained glass door service isn’t just for entry doors. We love the way our customers are using stained glass doors throughout their home. Check out some of the great ways we’ve seen our customers use our doors. You might find some inspiration for the doors in your home, too!

The Kitchen Pantry

After the front door, the kitchen pantry door is the one we recommend the most for a makeover. That’s because it’s an often neglected door that’s right in the middle of your open-plan home. Upgrading the appearance of this door with stained glass can instantly make the rest of the space look more elegant and rich. You won’t have to worry about a stained glass door revealing the clutter of your pantry, either. Because our designs use textured and colored glass along with small pieces of clear glass, the view is obscured. That means a glass door doesn’t have to mean you’ll be constantly tidying up your food storage!

The Bathroom

You might not think the bathroom door is the right place for a stained glass window, but once you see it, you’ll understand why it’s a great addition. We think stained glass is great for all of the doors and windows in the bathroom! That’s because stained glass eliminates the need to use either blinds or curtains, both of which can be problematic in the humid bathroom environment. It’s great in the door because it maintains the user’s privacy but still allows more natural light in the room. That can be a big benefit to bathrooms that don’t have any exterior windows.

The Office

If you have an office, den, or library in your home, then you need stained glass doors at the entrance. It’s a great way to enhance the beauty of the space, provide inspiration for you while you work, and close out the world when you need some privacy. Stained glass doors give you lots of privacy while you are working without blocking out the light. Natural light can be beneficial when you are studying or working, too, so they could even help you get more done. If this is a space where you meet clients, they are sure to be impressed with the beauty of your stained glass doors. It’s a great way to make a good first impression on them!

The Bedroom

Stained glass doors at the entrance of your bedroom suite are a beautiful way to add a little romance to the bedroom space. The light will be filtered through the glass on your doors, and if you opt for a design that uses colored glass, then it can add a gentle glow of color to your space as well. This can create a very alluring atmosphere. Plus, you won’t have to worry about anyone peeking inside because you can choose a design that obscures their view.

The Basement

How bright is your basement? There is a good chance that it is a dark space that doesn’t get a lot of light. The darkest area of the basement is probably your stairwell, too. But a stained glass door at the entrance of your basement can take care of that! It allows more natural light from the upper floor to penetrate into the basement, especially the stairway, so you don’t have to depend on artificial light every time you need to get up and down the stairs. It also makes the basement look much more inviting, creating a space that feels welcoming and warm instead of a space that’s simply good for storing stuff. You might find that you use the basement a little more when it has such an inviting entry!


Whether you love these ideas or have a few of your own, we’re here to help. Talk to one of our experienced door technicians about how you’d like to integrate stained glass doors in your Las Vegas home. We’ll provide you with a quote for our services and make sure you have all the information that you need to bring more light and elegance into your space. Give us a call or contact us through our website to speak with a member of our team today. We’re looking forward to helping you make all of your stained glass door ideas a reality!