Making small improvements can benefit you in the long run. This fact can be said for a whole manner of things, however, it is more effective when in reference to your home. The following blog is all the ways in which installing a glass in your home can be beneficial to you.


First impressions are important. It is in our basic human instinct that when we see something, we make automatic assumptions about that thing we are observing. In most instances this first impression is beneficial. For example, if something looks hot to the touch, we will naturally avoid touching it and save ourselves pain. However, in some instances, first impressions can be too quick of judgements, especially when referring to people. When we look at someone, we make assumptions about how they behave and how they would respond to things. We do the same judgmental process when we observe someone’s clothes, car, and especially their house. The state in which someone lives is often a clear indicator of how they are as a person. If you are a guest in someone else’s home, you must assume that person prepared the home to look a certain way to impress you. However, if you are a guest in a dirty, unkempt, and unbecoming home, you automatically make assumptions that the person living in that state is dirty and unkempt too!

When you put a little more effort into the presentation of your home, your guests will become impressed by your organization and the decoration of your living space. One way to improve the overall appearance of your home is to make upgrades to the front of your home. When people drive by your home or walk in front of your driveway, the first thing they see is the state of the front of your home. By making small improvements to the front of your home, you can give off a better first impression to your friends, family, guests, and even bystanders! The easiest way to improve the appearance of your home is to upgrade your front entryway. Your front door is the focal point of your home and guests will naturally visually gravitate their gaze to the center of your home (which is almost always your door). By placing unique designs and the finest glass, you can add an element of elegance to your front door and create a positive and lasting first impression for your guests.


When having a home, you are responsible for many costs such as water, electric, air conditioning, mortgages, etc. These bills can pile up and become overwhelming if not controlled. One way to reduce the stress of adding bills is by updating your methods of energy use. By monitoring your energy use, you can see and develop new ideas of how you could conserve your energy usage. In many respects electricity can be a bill that weighs heavily on the minds of homeowners. It seems odd, but everytime you flip on a light switch, money can be leaving your pocket!

One way to significantly reduce the amount of your electricity bill is to install glass for your entry doors. Clear glass is a perfect way to conserve energy because it allows for the maximum amount of light to filter into your home. Because so much natural light can reach the inside of your home, you will no longer have to switch on yours lights to see in the day. By only needing to turn the lights on in the night, you are cutting your energy use significantly and saving yourself money.


The easiest thing about glass front doors and windows is that they are extremely easy to clean. With wooden or metal doors, they are often large, bulky, and difficult to clean. The challenge with most wooden doors is that it is difficult to determine which cleaner is best to preserve the finish and overall appearance of the door. Nothing gives off a worse impression than opening a dilapidated door into your residence.

With a glass front door, you can welcome in your guests with a clear and inviting entryway. Glass is extremely easy to clean — just a few wipes and you’re done!


When you have people come to your door, their first instinct is to knock. Though this is the universal way to check if someone is home, the action is very tough on the overall state of your door. With every knock, people can leave knuckle indents in your door over time. When you install a glass front door, people are less likely to knock and damage your door. Instead of knocking, they will look for a doorbell, which is twice as effective in getting your attention from inside your house than knocking ever was!

If you are interested in upgrading your home, you should consider an entryway remodel. By installing glass you can not only drastically improve the overall look of the front of your house, but create a lasting impression for your guests, too. We, at Entry Brite, provide our customers with top-quality glass and glass installation services. If you decide to choose glass for your front door and windows, you also can choose the style of your design. This will allow you to not only give your entryways a unique flare, but a truly custom design. Contact us today for design ideas and a quote for your glass needs today!