At Entry Brite we are always looking for inspiration. Our current crop of designs runs the gamut from classical Victorian to contemporary, and Craftsman and rustic wrought iron. The options for remodeling your entryway are incredible when you begin looking through our designs. The inspiration for our doors, windows and cabinet doors comes from various periods in history and contemporary designs. There are simply classic architectural styles that never will go out of style, and still hold an appeal today. When looking to remodel your entryway, it is best to consider the design of the home in general. Not to say that mixing styles is a bad thing, because these days, pretty much anything goes. Regardless, a new door with a gorgeous glass insert is the feature that will compete your home and make all of your guests envious. The designs we feature might be representations of a certain era but they are all made with exceptional materials and top-notch craftsmanship.

Common eras that have become associated with home design have become almost timeless and still influence architects today. The craftsman and victorian era homes are still in high demand and their details are currently integrated into new home construction. At Entry Brite, we recreate iconic window designs from these two distinct styles and


The Victorian era really encompasses many different types of architecture and were built around the same historical era, the rule of Queen Victoria. This style was fueled by the industrial revolution and featuring dramatic window designs, turrets and sweeping staircases. There are many different types of Victorian home styles, such as: Queen Anne, Tudor and Gothic Revival. These homes represented a shift in the demographics of cities in the U.S. and Europe. Traditionally, the poor lived in the more rural areas and with the industrial revolution, many poorer families were able to move into the city and buy homes. The design was meant to be elegant but accessible, and not necessarily for the very wealthy.


The American Craftsman school of design actually sprung out of the Victorian era and was focused on the natural world. The masters, like Frank Lloyd Wright, started what was known as the “prairie school” and sought to design structures that appeared to fit seamlessly into the landscape. The exposed eaves were a large part of the movement and symbolized a backlash of the industrial revolution in which everything was manufactured. The Craftsman movement sought to glorify the American worker and the idea of quality, handcrafted homes. The windows of the Craftsman movement are some of the most striking of the 20th century. Frank Lloyd Wright and his contemporaries were passionate about creating designs in glass and they still remain that way to this day.

Entry Brite is proud to offer Victorian (or classical as we call it in our gallery) and Craftsman designs. Both a throwback to the era of your choice, but with a modern construction and exceptional quality. Relive the classic architecture you love and make your entryway a truly gorgeous space. Whether you are in Vegas or Phoenix Contact us today for more information and beautify your home