Entry Brite offers so many terrific design styles for your new stained glass front door! Our Las Vegas team has put together a portfolio of over a dozen different designs, each one uniquely created to enhance the decor and architecture of your home. We’ve made sure to offer a wide variety of designs so no matter what aesthetic you love, you’ll find a door that’s going to work for you. Let’s take a look at ten of these designs and in what kind of home they might be best suited.

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You can view all of these designs on our Gallery page! Scroll through the photos and see our doors in real homes around the country so you can get a better idea about how these style will look in your own home.

  • Edgemont

The Edgemont is characterized by its unique pattern of textured and clear glass panels. The combination gives the door a lot of visual interest without looking cluttered, and it’s an ideal design for a home with a modern, clean aesthetic.

  • Entropy

Where the Edgemont is all lines, the Entropy design introduces curves into the mix. The center of the glass panels has a round medallion, while curved panels nearer the edges create an impression of water rippling out from a center point. It’s an interesting and beautiful design that’s right at home in a contemporary decor.

  • Expressions

This is a truly elegant piece of glass. The clear central design is complemented by a frosted glass edge. Scrolling glasswork throughout the piece comes together with a central floral design in the middle. This glass door is perfect for an elegant home that loves the classical style.

  • Impression

If you want your glass door to stand out, the Impression is the one to chose. It’s made up of hundreds of softly curving pieces of glass that are formed to create the impression of beautiful lilies. The mix of translucent and opaque glass filters the light perfectly on the interior while the exterior will captivate your guests. This is a design that’s at home in a variety of styles, from classic to modern.

  • Mohave

A strong design that has an element of tribal inspiration! Cut in strong angular patterns, the Mohave is created with textured and plain glass pieces that are brought together in a sharp-looking piece. This door is absolutely at home in an adobe or modern home but will look great no matter where you put it. It’s definitely a strong design that will make a great first impression.

  • Parisian

Like Paris itself, the Parisian stained glass door has a little something for everyone. There is so much to see in this door! It brings together different elements of design, including shape and movement, and combines them effortlessly into a piece that you’ll be proud to display. It looks incredible with a touch of red in it, too! It’s a bold style that you’ll fall in love with quickly.

  • Regency

If you love the look of antique stained glass design, the Regency is the door for you. It takes its inspiration from stained glass that was popular in homes being built during the Victorian era, with its ornate central medallion and linear design along the edges. There isn’t a home that this door won’t look grand in, so it’s ideal if you like to change up your style often.

  • Shasta

The Shasta is an art deco lovers dream come true. The abstract design incorporates an off-center central design that’s complemented by the placement of lines, circles, and sweeping arcs. It’s at once modern and a call back to the heyday of the art deco period. If you like bold design, this is the glass door for you.

  • Sterling

The Sterling is simplicity at its best. The angular sides are topped off with simple angles at the top and bottom, all of which work together to create something that is uncomplicated but absolutely extremely impressive. This is a door that will look just as good in an office as it will in your home.

  • Wall St.

This is an aptly named door because it looks absolutely rich. The angular design is marvelous, letting in lots of natural light without sacrificing the privacy of the people inside. It’s a door that anyone would be proud to show off in their home!


Have you fallen in love with one of these styles? There are actually even more designs to choose from on our website! Take a moment to check them all out and decide which stained glass door style is right for your home. Then get in touch with the Entry Brite team in Las Vegas to talk about getting your new door installed. We’d love to talk to you about installing one of these gorgeous doors in your home, helping you elevate your style and bring more natural sunlight into the interior of your space. Give our team a call or contact us through our website to learn more about our installation services and how we can help you get the front door of your dreams!