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Welcome back to the Entry Bright blog! Stained glass is something that is often associated with vintage or gothic designs — something that homes, churches, and city buildings used to have. However, that is no longer the case. Stained glass, if done right, can be a perfect centerpiece for your modern entryway remodel. Today, we are going to give some styles to emulate when creating modern stained glass designs that you will love for years to come.


Art deco is very “in” and its influence can be seen in not only jewelry, but also modern home stained glass designs. What is art deco? It is a 20th century design style that is elegant and understated. It first appeared in France before World War I and was seen in building architecture, fashion, car design, and more. It represented decadence, as well as social and technological advancement. Current art deco designs are geometric, symmetrical, and futuristic while also retaining its vintage flair. When you add art deco stained glass elements to your home, you will enjoy beautiful, bright hues of primary colors offset by clear glass.


Frank Lloyd Wright is a beloved creative force most known for his architectural designs. According to a dedicated website, Frank Lloyd Wright designed over 1,114 architectural works and is responsible for some of the most inspired architectural spaces. Mr. Wright’s designs are described as linear and geometric. Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired stained glass has dark black lines offset with various shades of golden-pigmented stain glass and clear glass.


Creating a modern, contemporary design is achieved through light, airy spaces with minimal ornamentation; this design style is about creating a design that is simple, yet can be incredibly intricate. Not only are there unlimited design options, but also there is the opportunity to use a variety of colors. Often when looking to create a contemporary design, it is best to have a clear central point will essentially be the centerpiece of your entryway. With the design options that you have, your front door might become a conversation starter.


A stained glass design inspired by modern design styles will opt for angular, geometric designs that uses complementing hues of one color. Also, unlike contemporary styles, when looking to achieve a modern look, you can use stained glass to decorate your entire front entryway. The objective of modern designs is to make a statement while maintaining a balance of shapes and color. This balance allows for beautiful designs to take shape while leaving enough clear glass to create a naturally lit area.


Not all modern stained glass designs have to be angular and geometric. If you love the look of vintage stained glass, you can opt for European-style Victorian or Edwardian windows. This styles include shapes that can be found in nature and can be beautifully ornate. Install these windows in your entryway or as a window alternative for your bathroom. When you pick light colors to be part of your design, a significant amount of light is still able to enter your space while you enjoy your privacy.


If understated isn’t your style, you can opt for bold blocks of colored glass. This can work well for entryway windows and doors or as a colorful interior partition element. A bold design style is timeless, and is often a beautiful addition to retro-inspired looks. Not only can you choose your favorite colors, but you have the opportunity to create an interesting design that is unique to your windows. Choose complementing colors or several tones of the same color. Your options are endless!


If you love color, then this style is for you. A great way to create a colorful entryway that you will enjoy every time you enter your home and every time the sun shines through is by way of a mosaic design using a number of the official Pantone colors. The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is used by many industries as the standard for discussing and matching colors. There are 10,000 colors. Obviously, it would be tedious to create an entire door of 10,000 plus color blocks. However, the idea is to include complementing hues that simulate the vast number of Pantone colors.

The wonderful thing about modern stained glass is there isn’t necessarily one right style. As a homeowner, you are presented with many options that can match not only your own personal preferences, but also the style of your home. Use the style options presented in this blog, or your imagination, to create a look that is just right for your Las Vegas home!


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