From the most majestic cathedrals in the land to an extravagant entryway door in your own home, stained glass windows are used all over the world in a variety of places. And understandably so, as it’s a beautiful piece of art. Stained glass windows are able to utilize the shine of sunlight to hit another level of shine and beauty, broadcasting the beautiful designs and colors over the interior while creating a semi-transparent canvas of window art.

This beauty is renowned and utilized over almost all cultures, religions, and countries. We have written a variety of different blogs on the history of stained glass windows. But how are they made today? How does Entry Brite create beautiful pieces of stained glass that beautify your home and your property, at an affordable rate? And how does our stained glass window installation process work so well? Keep reading to learn more about stained glass window creation, and how Entry Brite can create and install the right piece for your home.


The art, history, and craft of stained glass stretches as far back as the 4th and 5th centuries, but even today the idea has always been the same: not only creating beautiful stained glass window that offers a stunning control of light and privacy but also creating a larger structure and piece that incorporates all of the individual glass pieces into a greater piece of crafted structural art. It’s a difficult and complicated craft, but one that leads to beautiful stained glass creations. It starts with the actual material of stained glass, which is created by adding different colors of metallic salts into the glass mixture during manufacturing.

However, once the glass is created, you still have plenty of work cut out for you. Before the glass can be cut and shaped into the individual pieces needed to create the larger stained glass window image, the actual engineering and structure of the window and the design as a whole has to be created. Whether it’s a beautiful design full of intricately and individually designed colors, or a scene that is being created with the differently shaped pieces, the design, as well as the structural integrity of the pieces and placement, has to be sound before the glass is cut. In addition to each piece having to fit perfectly, it also has to withstand the elements as a barrier between the interior and exterior, allowing light to shine through and brighten it up, while still providing the purpose of shielding vision from the outside in. It’s a complex and delicate craft, one that we are quite proud of here at Entry Brite.


Now that you can understand how stained glass windows are created, getting them in the right position and location is a whole other process. From the walls of Notre Dame to your front door entryway, the installation of stained glass windows is a delicate yet critical process that requires just as much knowledge and skill as the creation of the window itself. The stained glass window design needs to fit the space that is going to be used perfectly, whether it’s a window frame, a doorway, or a whole wall, as the stained glass fixture will act as part of the wall/door sealing the interior from the exterior. For larger stained glass window installations, like ones you might see at a cathedral, the structure of the installation might need to be able to support its own weight over the span of the large space it is filling. And in the history of stained glass window installation and creation, some of the larger and more renowned stained glass window installations have withstood the test of time and remained reliably intact since the Middle Ages.

While we can’t promise over 500 years of stability and fame with our stained glass window installations at Entry Brite, we can still promise a level of design, quality, and durability that will still serve you and your property for your lifetime. Whether it’s your entryway or the windows of your living room, stained glass can be an incredible accessory to add some lavish style to your home. And with our wide selection of different finishes, styles, materials, and designs at Entry Brite, you can be assured that you will find the stained glass window or door you want in your home. Our team of stained glass engineers and experts have been providing quality stained glass window designs to Phoenix, Las Vegas, and surrounding cities for years now, taking advantage of the consistently sunny climates to create beautiful stained glass window installations that shine. Give us a call today and see how our team can help with your stained glass window installation! Call now.