Stained glass and glass designs are simply beautiful. The artistry, the intricacy, and the story they tell are nothing short of marvelous. Some of the oldest and most carefully crafted buildings in the world are enhanced by their stained glass windows and entryways. With such craftsmanship, color, and attention to detail, it makes complete sense to desire adding a glass design to your home.

Entry Brite is the premiere company to help install glassworks into your home, taking a plain old door or window and transferring it to something extraordinary. Read on to figure out what factors will guide your decision-making when creating your glass entryway or window!


The first and foremost thing to consider in designing a glass entryway is whether you want to enhance a door or a window. Having this in mind will help you visualize what everything will look like along the design process. A glass front door is a fairly visible update to your home, as it is the first thing any visitor will see upon arrival. Having a glass front door can leave a great impression on your guests, as well as serve as a stunning update to your home.

If you bought a house without any glass designs and are wistful for an opportunity that was seemingly missed, fear not! Entry Brite can work with existing doors, windows, and homes in general, and we would be honored to work with you! With Entry Brite, it’s never too late to install the glass front door you’ve been hoping for.


Regardless of whether you’re building a home or adding a front door renovation, location is key. If you’re in the process of building your home and you’re set on installing a glass door, one thing to consider is which way your house will be facing. Many recommend a south-facing home to get the best sun exposure, but having a house facing another direction is not an end-all-be-all situation. No matter where your door is, it will be an excellent addition to your home!

If you’re leaning more towards windows, you might want to think more carefully about areas of your home with some prime sun exposure. Your glass window will be gorgeous no matter what, but considering the location might result in your glass window being even more wonderful. Think of which existing windows experience excellent sun time, and decide where a good place would be.

Having trouble deciding on a location? It’s OK, we understand it can be tricky! One tip that might help is starting with a process of elimination. Start thinking of places in your home that you don’t want a glass design door or window, and this will narrow down the places that would work best for you.


Now we’re getting into the really fun part! Thinking of what colors would best suit the design and layout of your home can be enjoyable, though difficult to settle on an end decision. A great first step is deciding if you want to go with something colorful and bold, or something more muted.


Color can be an extraordinary addition to an existing door or window, or building in general. The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain, is a wonderful example of how the subtle earth tones of a structure can be shocked into beauty when melded with beautiful colored glass. Designed by Antoní Gaudí, he described aspects of his design influence by saying, “Color in certain places has the great value of making the outlines and structural planes seem more energetic.”

Especially if the location you’ve decided upon gets a considerable amount of sunlight, having color involved with your glass design will add fantastic color to the room. The other great thing is the added color bursts will only appear for as long as the sun’s rays shine through, making the stained glass windows or doors all the more special.

If you know color is your style, start to think of which colors will work best with your home. You want to maintain an aesthetic both from an exterior and interior perspective. For example, if you have a dark red wall or room, maybe opt for a different hue the provide better contrast. If your walls are already painted and/or colorful, consider choosing colors for your glass design that are more subtle.


Want to stick with glass in its clear and original form? Totally fine! This will still make for an extraordinary enhancement to any window or door. In fact, keeping your glass a little more understated can add just as much value to your home as color stained glass can. Muted or stained glass can go with any color, home, or wall.

The subtlety of a colorless glass design would look great in a bathroom, or to complement a glass door. Glass doors in themselves are typically clear, and look phenomenal next to a brick or stone design. For a truly classic and timeless look, opaque or transparent glass with a subtle design will step up your home in the most amazing way.


This brings us to deciding which style or pattern you want your glass entryway to embody. The important thing to reflect upon is what is the style of your home, and which door will match that style the best. If your home follows a more traditional or colonial style, look for designs which contain more symmetry and curved lines. Is your house a newer one, constructed in a more contemporary fashion? Find a design that plays well to the overall look of the house, usually involving more straight lines and angular patterns.

Since there are so many home styles out there, we’re proud to showcase our portfolio, which contains designs that would work with any home. For more modern looks, check out the Mohave, Parisian, Entropy, or Edgemont styles, to name a few. Interested in something more classic? Regency, Kensington, or working with iron will be right up your alley. Is your house somewhere in between the past and the present? Take a look at our Majestic, Wall St., Sterling, and Huntington styles. No matter which glass entryway or window you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it at Entry Brite!

You have reached the end of the decision-making process on how to choose the best glass design for your door or window! Except for one final step: call Entry Brite to get the wheels in motion! As the popular saying goes, when one door closes, another opens. Now’s the time to close your plain door and open up a world of glass door possibilities with Entry Brite. Call us for some glass door and window inspiration today!