Not all glass is the same! That’s an important lesson to learn before you start shopping for a stained glass front door for your Las Vegas home. Knowing what glass options are out there and which one is right for your door will help you find the perfect options for your entry. Take a few minutes to learn more about glass options for your door and why it might be the right option for your home.


An important note: The glass that you choose could be a combination of three or more of these types of glass. For instance, you might opt for a clear, reinforced, and insulated glass for your door. Or, you might opt for a carved and textured privacy glass. Keep that in mind when choosing the glass that you want in your door.

  • Carved Glass Front Door

This type of glass is exactly what it sounds like! The glass is carefully carved with special tools to create a pattern or design. The carving can be as simple or as intricate as you want, and can even be customized. Carved glass is typically a slightly more expensive option due to the craftsmanship involved in the process, but the finished results can be breathtaking.

Is it right for your home?

If you are looking for a really elegant piece that’s going to make a strong first impression on your guests, then carved glass could be perfect for you. If you are looking for budget-friendly options, then you might want to look for something else.

  • Clear Glass Front Door

Clear glass is the same sort of glass that you’d find in your windows. It’s unembellished and offers unfiltered light and views in and out of your home. Clear glass can come in different thicknesses and energy ratings to keep your energy bills low.

Is it right for your home?

If you aren’t concerned about maintaining privacy at your front door, this could be a great option. Because there are so many options available, there is something for every budget. Clear glass is a good option for modern style front doors, too, thanks to its simplicity and clean lines. If you don’t want people to be able to see directly into your home, though, then clear glass doors aren’t going to be right for you.

  • Etched Glass Front Door

Etched glass is created by applying acids or other caustic materials to the surface of the glass. They eat away at the top layer and leave behind markings that can be used to create permanent patterns and designs on the glass. The final result usually leaves a frosted effect on the glass. Etched glass doors obscure the view from the outside while still allowing plenty of light. Etched glass can be fully customized to your own design and can be a budget-friendly option.

Is it right for your home?

Etched glass is a great option when you want more natural light without sacrificing your privacy. It’s also good for anyone who wants a customized design without having a huge budget for their door.

  • Insulated Glass Front Door

Insulated glass offers a number of benefits. It prevents air leaks from occurring in the doorway, meaning that less air escapes from the home. This makes it more energy efficient to heat and cool your house, making it easier to cool in the summer and warm in the winter. That can actually end up lowering your monthly energy bill and helping you save money. Insulated glass is made by fusing two or more sheets of glass together while leaving a little bit of air between them.

Is it right for your home?

Whether you choose double pane glass or another form of insulated glass, it’s almost always a good choice for your front door. It reduces the carbon footprint of your home, saves you money, and it more environmentally friendly. It’s so good, you should consider replacing your windows with it, too.

  • Reinforced Glass Front Door

One of the concerns many people have about a glass front door is that it’s going to make it easier for a burglar to break into their home. The glass is, after all, breakable. But reinforced glass takes care of this issue. It’s strengthened so it’s much harder to break, either accidentally or on purpose. This can give you peace of mind when installing a beautiful glass door in your home. If it does break, it should do so in a way that makes it easy to clean up and prevents any cuts or injuries.

Is it right for your home?

It most likely is, especially if you have security concerns. The reinforced glass can actually be beneficial as a security measure as it gives you a clearer view of who is standing outside your door. The reinforced glass means you won’t have to worry about the door being broken accidentally, either, which is great news if you have a busy and active household.

  • Stained Glass Front Door

Stained glass is one of the most popular choices for front doors. It’s made by putting together pieces of colored glass into patterns and designs and then fusing them together permanently. It’s an old craft; there is evidence of stained glass going as far back as around 700 A.D. The colored pieces of glass can create a gorgeous glow inside of your home as the sun shines through it, and it still obscures the view so your privacy is protected.

Is it right for your home?

Stained glass can be a beautiful choice for almost any home. Because of its versatility, you can create almost any design and color scheme. It can be highly personalized, too, making it a special piece of your home.

  • Textured Glass Front Door

Textured glass can have ridges, waves, or bumps, usually created through a special process when it’s being manufactured. The texture serves a purpose of being both decorative and adding an interesting visual element to an otherwise plain piece of glass. Some textured glass looks like ripples on water, making it look like your glass has been replaced with liquid. It can also be used to obscure the view, acting as privacy glass for the homeowner.

Is it right for your home?

Textured glass can be a lovely addition to a door. While it may be more expensive than a clear pane of glass due to the extra steps in the manufacturing process, it’s not prohibitively so. Incorporating textured glass into your door can make it more visually interesting and become a focal point of your entryway decor.


Then our team is ready to install it! We offer all of these options to Las Vegas homeowners who are looking to bring more light and style to their entryways. If you still aren’t sure which glass type is right for your door, get in touch with us. We can put our experience to work for you and help you choose a glass that you’ll love as a part of your home. Whether it’s a stained glass front door you need or you want something more simple, we can help. Simply give us a call or contact us through our website to get started. We’re looking forward to showing you how the right glass can go a long way towards upgrading your entryway!