When it comes to doing an entryway remodel, your front door is likely to be the focus of your space. The door that you currently have is probably the stock door used by the builder. They used it because it was inexpensive and bland enough to suit the majority of their home buyers. You certainly are not stuck with that option, because there is a world of front door styles out there! Once you start to look at the options you have for your entry, it can be overwhelming. There are so many doors in so many styles, how will you decide which one is right for you? The best thing to do is to get to know the different door styles available and what kind of homes they are suited for before you decide which one you want for your new entry.



Unless your doorway is already arched, this is probably a style that you’ll want to skip. Arch doors require a doorway that’s already arched, and while they look beautiful and add a touch of uniqueness to the home, the conversion from a classic door frame to an arched one can be expensive.


If you love Shaker furniture, you might love a Craftsman-style front door. They also look right at home on Craftsman-style homes, which were largely built from 1900 to the 1930’s. They often have a glass insert in the top third or fourth of the door which may include stained glass work. The bottom half featured raised panels.


Like all things in the modern style, these doors are characterized by their clean, straight lines and minimalist style. They may have raised panels, but more often will feature glass panels that have frosted or textured glass to obscure the view inside.


Rustic doors are typically made from solid wood and look at home on cabins, abode, and rural homes. They might have ornate iron hardware to contract the rustic feel of the wood. They are heavy and sometimes oversized.


Traditional doors are the ones that you are most likely to see on homes in the Las Vegas area. There are a lot of different variations of traditional style; these doors might feature up to a dozen raised panels and may have glass inserts in them.



An excellent door material, it adds warmth to the door and looks terrific when paired with metal hardware. Great for rustic and arched doors.


A popular door material and one of the most common used today. It’s strong but lightweight and can be molded into virtually any style.


Heavy but secure, doors made from steel or other metals are going to be expensive but last for the long term.


It’s going to depend on your personal style and your budget. Keep in mind that there are no rules that you have to choose a door that’s perfectly matched to the architecture of your home. It can be great to create a cohesive look because a craftsman style door is going to look great in a craftsman style home. But changing up the styles can do something interesting; you expect to see the craftsman door, but what if you put a modern door on your Craftsman home? Interesting things could happen to the look and feel of the space. The most important thing is that you pick a door that you love!

Other Things to Consider

  • Do you want glass inserts? Most door styles can be altered to include glass inserts. They are great for allowing in more natural light without putting your privacy at risk.
  • What color do you want your door to be? Doors can blend seamlessly with the rest of the home or be painted a bold color to help them stand out. It’s a great opportunity to show off the personality of your home.
  • What kind of hardware do you want? The hardware that you choose for your door can really add to the style. From plain to ornate, there are a lot of different options so be sure to shop around for something that you love.
  • Should you add a screen door? Screen doors can keep your home secure while you enjoy the fresh air and the great outdoors. It could be a worthwhile investment if you love to open up your home to a breeze.

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