As you may already know, Entry Brite is the finest door and window company serving Phoenix, Las Vegas and Riverside County. Staying on top is a matter of innovation, creativity and persistence. We take great pride in producing high quality, exclusive, custom windows and doors. Our work is always exceptional and we take great pride in knowing that we provided our clients with exactly the result they wanted. That being said, working with glass is a very old art and it takes a master to create the designs that we are able to offer. Entry Brite prides ourselves on offering unique high end stained glass in addition to our frosted and wrought iron designs. But when you are working with a medium as old as glass, it is easy to forget how easy it is today to have glass in our homes.


In old Egypt, back when the library at Alexandria still stood, one of the most important inventions that the world has ever known was invented. Thats right, the Egyptians are believed to have invented glass, but Kanye claims he did first, so go figure. Glass making in this time was a very labor intensive process and in the early days glass was not used for windows or doors. The common glass items of the day were bowls, cups and beads. Depending on what kind of material is melted to create glass and what sort of additive is added when glass is in its molten state, the opacity changes. Which is why, windows did not have glass until many years after the Egyptians began working with glass. Windows, at this time, severely needed an update. They were generally open holes in the side of the home covered with shutters or some other opaque substance. Thinly sliced animal horn, marble and many more creative items were used in the place of glass. Of course we know the Japanese used paper to cover their windows and doors but that is for another discussion.


Once the manufacturing process of glass was streamlined, its virtues were distributed throughout the world. Each region in which glass was introduced, had their own way of working with the material. The most impressive of these being stained glass. Stained glass was used in medieval architecture and has almost become a symbol of the Gothic period. Interestingly enough, cathedral windows were fitted with thin sliced alabaster, which is translucent when the conditions are right. These windows were painted to resemble the stained glass we know of today. Stained glass truly became an art form during the Renaissance when in the tradition of mosaics, elaborate windows were created using small pieces of colored glass melded together with lead. The results are stunning and some can still be seen today. Of course the middle east was also a hotbed for glass production and the Islamic designs of intricately placed stained glass windows still captivate today.


Stained glass as a medium for art in America and a good example of this is the Tiffany lamp. The Tiffany stained glass style was designed by the son of the founder of Tiffany and Co. and produced a wide variety of works for churches and buildings of note throughout the world. Most notably, Tiffany installed stained glass screens in the White House for President Arthur and Tiffany lamps are a sought after collector’s item.

Frank Lloyd Wright was a genius and arguably one of the most influential 20th century architects of his generation. His home designs were simplistic and elegant at the same time. While his buildings are considered national treasures, his leaded glass windows are truly magnificent in their design. The angular patterns and geometric shapes sought to tie the architectural elements into the design of the building. Wright’s school of architecture, the prairie school, were very adamant about natural light, harmony with the landscape and functionality. The windows all let in a good amount of natural light all while accenting the room from the inside and the home from the outside.

At Entry Bright, we offer many different styles of doors and windows to choose from. We are confident that you will find the ideal design inspiration for your home. Please take a look at our massive selection on our gallery page or contact us for more details. Let us make your home into a work of art. Contact us today!