The first early human to paint around his (or her) hand with a primitive dye, probably made from a ground up root, was the first to alter their surroundings in an aesthetic way. If they were so adept at painting the walls of the caves it would have been amazing to see their settlements. At Entry Brite we understand the need to alter the environment to suit your tastes. In fact, we are in the business of altering plain old entry doors to reflect your personal style, but more about that later. We can trace our creative roots back to those early people who spontaneously created art on the rock wall of a cave, of course our cave paintings are stained glass front doors.


What was the motivation for decorating these cave walls? Was it a primitive tribute to the divine deities that these people worshiped? Was it a superstition to increase hunting success? Or was it simply to look beautiful? As individuals who enjoy the spoils of modernity, it is difficult for us to believe that primitive humans had the time to practice creating art. The general consensus seems to be that ancient people spent all of their time simply surviving. In reality, the primitive art that has been found around the world suggests a dedication to not only survival but leisure as well. Of course, survival is tough, but generally the primitive people were nomadic and, much like a retired couple from Minnesota, moved to warmer climates when the seasons changed. Why did they do this? When the weather is more temperate, survival is easier, and it allows for more leisure time. More time to paint on the walls of caves, more time to create decorative pottery and even time to master weaving reeds into baskets. These times were truly the birth of human style and quietly reverberate in our DNA to this day.


It is difficult for us to understand that the humans that came before us were as dedicated to creating art as we are. Lets face it, to make it as an artist, one either has to be exceptional at their craft or just really good at pretending they are. Throughout history, individuals whose names we will never know created some of the most enduring pieces of art in the world. These visionaries created art that was utilized in a practical manner. A decorative clay bowl unearthed in a Mongolian field, a mosaic floor in a Greek home, and even a folsom spear point in New Mexico. All of these were clearly utilitarian in nature and yet for no other reason than style, were embellished with decorative elements simply for the joy of the artist. Modern individuals will sometimes try and dismiss these embellishments as a form of personal identification, while that may be true to a point, even the ancients strived to set themselves apart from their peers.


The artist’s work that adorns the walls of the Louvre or the Guggenheim are all known to us. We know their stories, their tragedies, and even the sometimes unpleasant details of their death. Sometimes these artists’ lives outshine even their paintings, and we look at them through a lens of knowing exactly who they are. Scholars for hundreds of years have been looking at the Mona Lisa as if she may talk about the man who painted her and it is curious to think if the artist is more famous than his most famous painting. Of course, determining who painted the caves in Europe and Indonesia is impossible and those artists only can speak to us through what they have tangibly left behind. It is up to us to interpret what these ancient masters had intended for their art and all that remains is an agreeable sketch on a cave wall, perfectly in its place.


The tradition of stained glass can be traced back to the origins of glass itself – even before traditional glass. The intricate designs create gorgeous light across the inside of the room. The artist is generally unknown but their work speaks to us as humans. It is difficult to find someone that has an aversion to stained glass. At Entry Brite, we are directly connected to the old visionaries, the masters, and the ancient cave dwelling artisans. Much like a potter digs clay from the earth and molds it into a functional, yet beautiful piece of art, Entry Brite will take your old front door and create a thing of staggering beauty. Your home can be seen as your own personal Mona Lisa, your masterpiece that represents you as much as you represent it. The options are almost endless as our artisans have created a style to complement every architectural style and personality. Complete your ideal space and set yourself apart from all the other homes on your block with a stained glass front door from Entry Brite today. Contact us for more information.