When it comes to remodeling your home, there are a variety of components that will create lasting impressions on those who visit your home or those who one day purchase your home. If you are interested in upgrading a unique but stunning aspect of your home, consider home window replacement. When you choose new windows, opt for custom windows that can be utilized for more than just functionality but rather for design as well.

At Entry Brite, we are true custom window aficionados. We can help you find the perfect custom window to fit your home. When you are adding custom windows to your home, there are five key places to focus on. Read on to learn more about where to place custom windows in your home and enjoy the benefit of improved appearance and upgraded value.


While we are well-known at Entry Brite for our custom designed entryway doors, the fun doesn’t have to stop there. We also encourage you to consider upgrading the other windows in your entryway. Many doors are flanked by tall, sleek windows. Other entryway doors have small, arched windows above the doorway. No matter what windows are in your entryway, this is a perfect place to start with your window replacement.

When you are designing custom windows for your entryway, it is important to ensure they match your overall home theme. For example, if your front door features a contemporary style, which carries on throughout your home, you will want to mimic this with any other custom windows added to the area.

Due to the irregularity of the shape and size of many entryway windows, they make the perfect choice for custom windows as you will likely be looking for customization anyways. We can help you fit the perfect piece of glass to the space while upgrading the window with unique design elements. The first moment your guests enter your home they will be greeted by beautiful glasswork.


Does your kitchen have a window nestled above the sink? Perhaps it has decorative miniature windows located up high. Whatever window layout your kitchen boasts, adding custom decorative windows can brighten the room and freshen the look of the place.

For above the sink windows, you can opt for a simple and tasteful design that still allows for plenty of sunlight. For smaller windows with less functional use, you can choose an eclectic flair with a touch of stained glass to make the piece stand out.

The first place to begin is with your design preferences. Think about how you want the room to feel after each window has been installed. Are you looking to create a modern space or do you prefer a classic style to pair with your next home-cooked italian meal. Depending on what style you are looking for we can discuss different glass components for your custom windows. Upgrading your kitchen windows will improve the value of your home dramatically, as kitchens are one of the most prized rooms in any abode.


If you have a bathroom with an exterior facing window, this can be the perfect choice for a new custom window. This window is one of the few windows in the home where you would likely prefer it is not offering a clear view into the home. We can help you choose from frosted custom windows that will fit the specific style and size of your bathroom.

Not only can we help you add improved privacy for your bathroom with a frosted window, we can customize that window to meet your stylistic needs as well. You can add fun design elements that bring out the best of your bathroom while still providing the functionality you need. A bathroom window replacement will allow you to turn your outdated space into a true oasis.


Do you have a sunroom that could use a bright touch? Update a few key windows with customized pieces in order to add beautiful flair to the room. You can choose from simple designs or stunning stained glass pieces. Bring out the beauty of the sun with a sunray stained glass window or opt for a beautiful multi-color design to allow the light to paint your room in beautiful hues.

Your sunroom is meant to be a place for relaxation and peace. With the right custom windows, you can create the ideal space. Most sunrooms boast a large number of windows, which makes it an ideal place to work custom windows into. You can retain some of the original windows or replace them all depending on the style you hope to attain. We can work with you to create the perfect custom pieces for this warm room.


Does your home have any arching windows that either lead to the exterior of your home or another interior room? If so, these unique windows provide one of the perfect places for a custom window. We can help you design something that will draw your visitor’s eye to the beautiful archway in your home.

You can opt for an iron insert to create an ornate design or you can implement colorful stained glass pieces to add bright features to the room. We will help you turn a boring archway into a stunning piece when you allow us to create custom windows for these spaces in your home. We will carefully fit the window to the specific measurement and shape of the area with the exact style you are looking for.

Choose Entry Brite For Custom Windows In Your Home

Whether you are hoping to add custom windows throughout your home or just to one specific room, we can help you find the perfect style to match your home’s design. Talk to us today about the variety of stylistic options we provide and we will help match the right piece to the space you are hoping to renovate. Choose Entry Brite when you are looking for true customization and quality work. Contact us today.