Generally, when people talk about increasing your home’s value, it is in the context of selling your home for the best possible price. But in reality, increasing your home’s value is always a good idea, whether you plan on selling or not. Your home is your safe space, your protected and comfortable area where you are lucky enough to live, but it is also one of your biggest — if not the biggest — financial asset you have. By increasing your home’s value through additions, not only are you providing yourself an improved living experience, you are building long term wealth by growing your home equity.

There are a variety of ways to appreciate your home’s value, but the right kinds of additions can make it more appealing for real estate appraisers and home buyers alike. But what are the right kind of additions? In the end, the best kind of addition is the one that gives you the most home value after the expense of the addition is accounted for. That’s where Entry Brite comes in. We are a high-quality provider of decorative glass, doors, and windows in the Phoenix and Las Vegas areas, creating and installing beautiful decorative additions that can improve the look of any home. Not only can we improve the look and value of your home, but we can do it for a great price that gives you the maximum value. Keep reading to see how some of these additions can increase your home’s value.


In the end, one of the most important aspects of your home’s value is its first impression visuals — in essence, the curb appeal and general impression the home gives off. Decorative additions are a great way to improve your home’s curb appeal at a reasonable price, generating more bang for your buck.

Wrought Iron and Glass Entryway

If we are talking about curb appeal, your entryway is one of the most visible aspects of the curb. It is usually the first interaction that any guest, appraiser or the potential buyer has with your home, and therefore the most memorable. An entryway of wrought iron with vented glass brings about an aura of class and quality to your home from the very get-go, a characteristic desired in any potential home. The wrought iron designed in mind with the vented glass brings an aura of affluent mysticism regarding the home’s interior, without sacrificing your privacy or aesthetic. All of these benefits created by a wrought iron and glass entryway will be appealing in any type of home valuation.

Decorative Glass Windows

Much like the eyes are the windows to the soul, the windows of your home lets guests peek into the soul of your home. And that impression can have an important improvement on your home’s value. Decorative glass windows are an incredible way to light up your home interior with natural lighting, which will be an evident positive for any buyer or appraiser who enters your home. From the curb, decorative glass adds strong themes of class and aesthetic quality. This is especially true with certain stained glass designs, providing colorful and artistic characteristics usually reserved for renowned cathedrals, a grandiosity that increases the value of any home.

Decorative Iron Gate

As much as we might love a well-designed home front and aesthetic features that pop, sometimes it is the more subtle additions that blend in and really add to the overall value. A decorative wrought iron gate is one of those subtle additions. In its simplest understanding, it provides some security to the access of the back of your home. But the real value it adds lies in the historical aesthetic and implications of more square footage. A sturdy and intricate wrought-iron gate seems like it belongs on the back patio of a super villain’s home, a gate that James Bond might cut through with a laser or something. But you don’t have to be James Bond to appreciate the value of the typical supervillain abode.

Decorative Glass Doors

Your front door is one of the most visible aspects of your home. It can probably be seen by any person who passes by, and any guest, home appraiser, or potential home buyer will have to go through your front door. And for whoever does see it will gain some important first impressions about the home aesthetic and value. Adding a decorative glass door provides a higher-quality aesthetic to the entire impression of your home, showcasing a level of class and artistic taste. Whether it is a traditional-style glass door with an intricate design or a vented glass door that provides both natural lighting and privacy, this addition will make your home feel more expensive, and that is an important factor in home valuation as well.


In the end, you might not really think about your home’s value until you are trying to sell it, but any good homeowner should want to improve the value of their home and improve it with style. That is where the designs and installations of Entry Brite come in. Our selection of decorative glass, entryway designs, and wrought iron doors simply make your Phoenix or Las Vegas home look better. And with your home being one of your most important assets, when it looks better, it is valued better — increasing your home equity and making you more comfortable, both financially and in your home. Call Entry Brite today and see how our products can provide for you.