Everyone has a specific preference and taste for their home’s style. Lately, a popular style for the home is a modern twist upon the rustic feel of old farm homes and comfy hunting lodges. If you enjoy creating a rustic feel for your home, we can help you begin that design in the very first place your guests will walk through — your entryway. We can ensure you utilize the perfect custom front doors to create the right feel that will set the tone for the rest of your rustic decor.

If you are contemplating an entryway remodel in Las Vegas, we can help you implement wrought iron and other elements to create a rustic feel. Read on to learn more about our tips for rustic entryways and talk to us today about upgrading your entryway doors with customized elements.

Add Wrought Iron Elements To Your Customized Glass Doors

If you are looking to upgrade the doors in your entryway, consider implementing wrought iron into the glass door fronts. This added touch will bring a rustic feel without overwhelming the space. We can help you find the perfect design to set the tone as you are led into your entryway.

You can choose from simple floral designed wrought iron or a stunning statement such as a wrought iron star. Whether you opt for a more subtle choice or you decide upon the bold flair, we can help you use the wrought iron in your custom door to make the statement that best fits your unique taste. When someone arrives on your doorstep, the front door is the very first thing they will see. Make sure that first impression is exactly what you want.

Pro Tip: To ensure your custom glass door creates the right statement, implement a porch design that matches. For instance, if you opt for a gorgeous and bold wrought iron star, consider adding a more subtle porch decoration, such as a simple wooden box planter. If, however, you choose a less bold wrought iron element for your custom door, you can add a larger piece to your porch, such as a repurposed wagon wheel.

Utilize A Mix Of Wood And Metal To Create A Rustic Feel

The rustic feel is all about the beautiful combination of wood elements and metal. We can help you utilize a mix of wood and wrought iron, as well as glass, on your new front door. Replacing your existing door with a decorative front door will allow you to create a simple and stunning statement for your entryway.

Once the right door is in place, you can move on to other elements in your home. Add some custom windows with the perfect wood trim to create a rustic feel. Get creative with additional spaces in your home for wrought iron elements. We can work with you to design custom windows for not only your entryway but also your bathroom and kitchen. By adding matching elements in these rooms, you can connect your design throughout the entire home.

Make Your New Door The Focal Point With Added Decor

Once you have the perfect new front door in place, it is time to add extra elements of design that will draw visitor’s eyes to these stunning new doors. Invest in some rustic lantern-style lights for the outside of your home. This added touch will create an inviting ambiance, leading your guests to your stunning front door.

Inside your entryway, a small distressed-wood table will be the perfect location for some simple decor. Choose country style elements such as small potted plants, metal pouring pitchers for vases, and simple white candles to adorn the table.

For added functionality, you can implement a simple wooden board to create a place to hang your keys. The vital tip to a stunning rustic entryway is to stick to simplicity. Think back to trips to a grandparents’ farmhouse to inspire your modern take on the rustic look. Each small element will tie the entryway together, with your new custom door acting as the bold statement the entryway needs.

Finish The Look With The Perfect Rug

Finally, no entryway is complete without a place to wipe your feet and catch the dirt from outdoors. Utilize a jute rug to add an organic feel to the room or opt for a bolder southwestern rustic rug to add extra color to the space.

Your entryway rug will be that final element that leads your guests into the home. Not only will it act as a functional element, it will also be one of the last things to draw your visitor’s eye to your custom door as they leave your home.

Talk To The Experts At Entry Brite Today

If you are redesigning your home to take advantage of the beauty of the rustic design, talk to our experts about the right custom front door. We can help you with your entryway remodel in Las Vegas, leaving you with the perfect place to greet your guests. Talk to us at Entry Brite today to add beauty and light to your home.