If you’re like most homeowners in Phoenix, you want your home to appear bright, warm, and welcoming. One of the easiest ways to communicate these feelings is by having your entryway remodeled. At Entry Brite in Phoenix, we can completely transform your front entryway, creating a new front door, adding decorative elements like stained glass and textured windows, and so much more. Our team of trusted stained glass artisans and designs can help you layout and craft an entryway that will soon become the pride of your entire home.


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  1. Caring For Your Door Hardware

    After having your front entryway remodeled for your Phoenix home, you’ll likely be the center of much of the neighborhood’s attention. With a new front door, front walkway, and even stained glass accent pieces for your windows and doors, passersby won’t be able to ignore the beautiful new space you’ve crafted. But an often underappreciated piece of your entryways aesthetic is the hardware …Read More

  2. Surprising Entryway Ideas to Bring More Personality to Your Home

    The next time you step outside your front door, take a couple minutes to look back at it. Try to view it as if you are seeing it for the first time. What do you see? Is it an entryway that shows off the personality of the people inside? Does it do anything to enhance the design and decor of your home? Or is it the same generic doorway that the builders put in when they were trying to sell the hous…Read More

  3. How (And Why!) to Update Your Front Door

    When you purchase a home, it's always nice to put your own stamp on things. You might change out the flooring, paint the walls, and start to decorate the rooms to match your personality and style. Most people start their home renovations with the kitchen and the living room, which are the two rooms that you and your family probably use the most in the home. Then it's on to the bathrooms and bedroo…Read More