Allow brilliant natural light into your home with custom windows designed and crafted by the artisans at Entry Brite. Whether you want to add new windows to your entryway or need to update your existing windows, our team of designers and specialists can provide you with brand-new, custom-made windows that perfect accent your home’s architecture and aesthetic. We offer more than just the traditional clear glass in a metal frame. At Entry Brite, we seamlessly blend stained glass, wrought iron metal, and timeless wood to create a window that is as appealing as everything beyond it. We offer our custom window services to residents of Las Vegas, Nevada as well as the Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona regions.

  1. Cleaning Your Stained Glass

    Cleaning your windows is a regular part of making your home look its best. While you might have a winning formula that keeps the windows on your Phoenix home spotlessly clean, these same cleaning strategies might not be the best for your custom stained glass windows from Entry Brite. Before you hose down your custom windows with Windex, read our quick blog on how to clean your stained glass. The B…Read More

  2. Are Stained Glass Windows Right for Your Home?

    You might not think of your home first when you think about stained glass windows. These artistic windows are more often associated with churches and other classic public buildings than they are with the domestic space. That's because, during the artform's 1000 years of history, it was most often used in places of worship because of its expense as well as its ability to tell a story through the pi…Read More